Snow in Koyasan

Here is our cute Homemade Japanese dinner made by our dear friend. 
and the so call Onsen tamago " Hotspring egg" is Super Yummy !
And we have Umeshu (Plum liqour) on the sides which is so 
yummy !
and our dessert was gold flakes on cheese cake.
Well, It was yummy but i dont think the Gold flakes adds on extra flavour.

And here is the main entrance gate when u arrive upon Koyasan.

There are so many shrines on Koyasan way back when is was extremely popular for its spiritualism.
Koyasan was known back then as where the kings the minister would come to pray or even burried after their death.

It is spring and to my surprise, there was snow on Koyasan as we drove higher and higher. 
Of course, i was not dressed well and I was in COLD !

We had the dog along too and I bet he was cold too !
Look at his stoned face!

And here the shrines are different
some looks extremely peaceful

whereas some were quite scary as one has a dark path underground tunnel for spiritual time.

Surprisingly, the memorial park zone was extremely huge that I was so thankful be in a warm heated car instead of walking in cold and waiting for the bus.

However, parts of it are extremely interesting as we found very interesting sculpture at the memorials.
Some of them are CEO of huge organization and they are remembered in very unique sculptures.

For example this would be the late president of te UCC coffee company.

Walking through these pathway in the day would not be that spooky.

There are shrines that the Japanese would sprinkle water on the statues as well.

And some special place at the Kobo daishi grave area with lots of glowing lanterns.

After that we went to another Mt nearby and saw so many full bloom sakura on a particular hill spot.
We went there and found an owner living there and has planted his own sakura park all by himself.

And we bought some chestnut desserts in that small town. 
It was good !

They call this Mt the dog Mt.

And we arrived that and have a picnic by the river.

This was our Japanese picnic food ! 

We hike up the Mt and there was a shrine and after 5pm  this place would be close for the monks to meditate alone. We sneaked in after 5pm and spotted the guy on the right looking very surprised to see us as he was about to remove his clothes. But then he wore them back on. 

There was a spot of pathway our friend told us to walk on each of it without going out of the box and after walking all on the pathway, you would be blessed.

Well, we did took that word seriously .

And spotted his wooden lift that lifts goods up higher in the Mt. 

We ended our day with a lovely hotspring with the view of river, sakura tree ( on the female side) and we saw a flamingo too !

and our continued adventure next is to Shima .



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