The creepiest shrine in Japan !


Ishiteji Temple For those of you dont know , I have been travelling many parts of Japan before and even saw some random abandon shrines in Murouran, Hokkaido or even been to a dark underground shrine in Koyasan still,  would find this the MOST Creepy shrine.

From Outside, it would seem to look like a normal temple but then if you explore more of this area, you will find yourself a hidden tunnel which would lead you to somewhere else.

This is what it looks like in the tunnel

At the end of the Tunnel, you would come up to an exit and just follow on the road and there you would find a broken sign and some pathways with broken statues.

But yet at the end you would find this nice big Golden building out of no where.
If you are lucky, its open and you would be able to visit inside it. 


Well,thats all about the shrine and pictures of it! 

Photos credits of Christian Bjerknes


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