The most sacred Shinto shrines in Japan, Ise Jingu

Ise Jingu has 2 shrines, the Outer Shrine and the Inner Shrine.
This is also one of the famous Shrines in Japan which is the Shinto shrine and extremely popular .
They are Shinto's most sacred shrines.

The admissions are free and we arrived super early in the morning like 7am and it was already open by then.
What surprised me most were the amount of people coming in there so early.
urghh.. my sleepy face..

We first headed to the Inner shrine. The inner shrine is less popular but still ,
many people come here so early ! 

The highlight of this area was i believe this huge bridge which i believe the main start to the outer shrine.
I remember walking a lot so this outer shrine is extremely huge.

And no worries about toilets !
Look at the amount of people coming just at about 9oclock in the morning!
Apparently the time we come here is the most spiritual moment that is why many are coming 

over to get their blessings.

After visiting the shrines, we walked on the streets of shops and spotted this shop giving out free fishes to test !and they even give a whole fish ! Well, the taste wise is just like fried mackerel with soysauce, not much special.

But there is a nice view of this place with some blooming sakuras though.

and a tradtional wooden house look kind of Bank , so does the Lawson there.

Our next destination was to our camping resort but then we stumbled upon this on the way !

Our friends were telling us about Shiba Sakura that is extremely famous during spring at Mt fuji area.
It was new and not fully done yet and no one was there !
Most of all there wasn't any admission fee.

Our Lucky day huh !

And then we headed to this gorgeous Viewpoint .
Yokoyama lookout, Shima.
It is absolutely AMAZING !
From above we saw a big sail ship sailing along the sea and apparently it was a Spain boat to show back the history of the Spanish arriving in Japan.
However we didn't have time for that as we had to check in early for our resort.

Do not miss this ever if you are in Shima !


Next, to Our Camping Resort !
Check it out !



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