Back from Norway, Spain and Greece.

Sorry for the late updates but recently we have been busy travelling and just got back from Norway. 
As usual , I had a crazy shopping moment when autumn was coming but this time i bought crazy a lot of Bikini which was super worth it !
H&M, Gina Tricot, Bik Bok, Cubus
these are my favourite brands in Norway which has so good sales deals.

It has been an amazing time in Norway thus far and this time we decided instead of travelling parts of Norway , we decided to take those chartered tours - Ving to Grand canaria, Spain.

Our flight was with Thomas Cook and it was aprox 5 hour flight from Norway.
No delays and good service.
and this was our Hotel view located at Puerto Rico !!!
We love this location as it is so convenient and just a short walk to restaurants, beaches, mini golf course, mini marts and with this view !

Most of all, their swimming pool is at the top and we get a really nice view from it.

We got a huge balcony , living room, kitchen, bathroom and our private bedroom which can fit a family in it !

They also have a baby pool for kids and here I was trying to play around while the kids were sleeping.
It is only 5-10mins walk down to the Angry bird Park from our Hotel and
I really wanted to get in there but it seems like its a playground for kids so I rather not fool myself in there.
With just 15mins walk down, we arrive at the famous puerto rico manmade beach.
Not a nice beach but lots of nice restaurants with decent price for a BBQ meal.
Ps. alchohol is so cheap in Grand canaria.

Some of the highlights of our trip was to have a day spa at the neighbouring beach
The Amadores beach club.

Puerto de Mogan, the Fisherman village 

There are lots of variety of Magnum ice cream in Grand Canaria and dont expect the Alchoholic ice cream to make you drunk cause it has only tiny amount of alchohol in it.

And our favourite place Maspalomas
where you get to experience the dessert feel by the sea 
and get twisted in their big waves .
Other than that, this is the best place to unconciuosly eat sands and experience minor sand storms . And OHhhh believe me, it is painful to be hit by sands .

Last place we went was Laspalmas but we were quite dissapointed with the busy city instead in love with their old town- Veguetta .

We got our wine surprise as we got to our seats as we had preordered our wines on our previous arrival 

A splendid week in Grand Canaria and we were so regretful not to stay there another week. So, we will come back there again someday.

So, we got back Norway , had a small trip back to Arendal to have some fellowship time with the Bf mum and then decided to go for another charter tour to Greece, but this time we tried Apollo company instead.

Well, on our departure day, the train had some issue and we had to use the replacement taxi and managed to reach the airport in time for our flight.
And since Apollo had some issue with their plane few days before our flight, we were assigned to a different airline name BH Air.
Everything was in chaos and there was a slight flight delay.

Our hotel on arrival was great, only 2 mins walking distance to the beach and the beach is not as crowded as in Grand canaria.

Our Hotel : Blue Sea , Platanias.

A very nice location to chill by the beach.

Among the highlights were visiting Chania,
They have so many nice restaurants there with very good price meals in a very romantic ambience and shopping !
We found many things in Chania which were way cheaper than in Platanias!

We did it ! We hiked the longest Gorge in Europe . 14Km long!

And our Surprise in this trip is the Kolymbari.
It was just a nearby town we wanted to visit for their monastry but turned out we found lots of secret places with nice view.

And also an old winery !
We went another day to Rethymon which was similar to Chania and it totally dissapoint us with their overpriced seafood meals & pushy waitress.

Meanwhile our last day was to Falassarna beach and it was indeed a very nice clean beach.
Too bad I had some food poisoning on that day itself and couldnt enjoy the sea.
But in this area we found some interesting ruins with explanations of this area being a Pirate port.
We tried so many greek dishes but this Kebab like called Gyros, is our favourite. 
A must try if you ever go to Greece.
Most of all, I caught the full moon with LOVE !

Time seem to past so fast with all these travelling and then we got back to Norway , rested a week and flew back to Kuala Lumpur.
We were caught in the thunderstorm on our way back and I had never been so afraid in my life as the plane felt like it had a free fall for 1 second. Passengers were screaming and baby were crying as I grab my bf hands tightly praying hard for our safety back to meet my family.

Life is so precious and with all those flight accidents in the news, 
nowadays, it worries me more everytime I get on a flight.
However, this fear wouldnt stop me from flying because of knowing how short life is, how uncertain our futures are, I would want to make the best out of it and see the world.

I was s greatful that we arrive Kuala Lumpur safely and the next day, we decided to go Bon Odori event and I wore the Yukata I got from Japan!
It was a coincidence we met our group of friends in this event too !

Coming back to KL felt stressful as we had only 2 weeks before our flight to China and we had to apply for the Chinese Visa and I had to arrange appointments for the treatments packages I bought awhile ago.
And Thank God ! we got our Visa at last and I had got myself Keratin hair treatment, fractional laser treatment for my skin and some shopping.

We found good reviews online about this SJ4000 and decided to give it a try during our trip in China.
Instead of a selfie stick, we found our bamboo flute as a replacement cause then I can play the flute as well !
My skin is starting to peel on the 4th day and hopefully it will look alright during my trip in China ! 
I just have to remember to avoid the sun !

Well, It will be one month in China this time and without FB in China,
I probably wont be updating much till Im back.

This time, I will be in Malaysia during Haloween I'd be looking forward for the upcoming project then !

And Here's to read the full story on Grand Canaria -Spain 

Thanks for reading.



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