Review and unboxing Lenovo Ideapad S410

My previous computer Dell Inspiron 1420 had been with me for the past 6 years and it has not die yet. However, due to my frequent travels, I find it hard to transport that heavy bulky laptop around.
Thus, I decided to get myself a simple and light laptop which suits my travel basic need for blogging.

I did some research and seen sites ranking Lenova as one of the 2nd best laptop in 2014.  
Other than that, many promoters were mainly promoting Lenovo PCs when I come up to them and ask for a good, light laptop with an affordable price.

Then, I found a nice deal for this laptop on Lazada for this Lenovo Ideapad S410 for RM1359 and
decided to get it on a Cash on Delivery status.

The Lazada Online Purchasing Experience.
This is not the first time purchasing with Lazada and I was super excited for it !
The promising arrival date would be around 4-5 working days.
Days after days waiting , plus the impatient daily checkups on their order tracking,
I see that my item is only stuck at Order processing.
After waiting for a week ,( 7 days), I called their service center up,
ask them for a reason and found out that their item was out of stock in the warehouse and I would be then only informed when the order is arrived.
Well, they got a peace of my mind cause I would prefer if they had informed me on the mail or sms regarding this issue than letting me wait for a week without knowing the reason of delay.
And so, 
2 days after my complain, the product was shipped and then arrived on my doorstep the next day.
WTF ??!!!  The power of complaining huh ??
Cause usually when the product is state as shipping, I would only receive the product 2/3 days later instead. But this time , it was express for sure !

And Plus, Lazada stated that this PC has a DVD/ dvd drive but it does not come with any Dvd or Dvd drive. 

Oh Well, that's my sort of bad yet effective experience with Lazada. 

So here is how it look like when it arrives,
I paid cash to the delivery dude,
and he gave me a pack of bubble wrap package.
OH, the fun of popping these bubble wraps !
And Tadaaa!!! It's here !
This is how it looks like once I open the Box
And a Paper stating what is included in this pc package.
And some manual books, which is less thicker than those days with super simple instructions.
And not to forget, it comes with a Gift !
*Not stated in Lazada* 
But stated in most brochures selling in Low Yat Mall.
Its a simple Lenovo Laptop bag. 

And the Laptop itself with the adapters.

First glance !
Well, the screen is anti-glare , so it might not seem that "pretty"
but it's good for eyesight !
And comparing this 14inch Laptop to an A4size file.

And comparing the size to an Asus Tab. 
This is how it looks like when you first boot the machine and then there will be simple instructions to follow to set up the Pc and within less than an hour, 
Your dekstop would be ready.

The Specifications of the Lenovo Ideapad S410 is,
Intel iCore3-4030U
4GB RAM, /500HDD
Comes in Windows 8.1
Mcafee Anti Virus Software, Microsoft Office (trail version)
Less than 1'' Thick *

Battery Life
**Up to 5 hours with standard 4-cell battery
1.8kg (3.9 lbs.)
2 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0, HDMI-out, 2-in-1 card reader
Integrated digital microphone
Stereo speakers with Dolby® Advanced Audio™ v2

My Review and Opinion 
I have been using this laptop for a week now,
Honestly, the weight, the slim design of it is my favorite!
It is sure Light and Slim, a very pretty computer for sure.
But the light plastic-ish feeling can either make you feel like this is a laptop made out of low quality material,  This surely cannot compare to a Mac ultrabook, * my friend~~~~*

The anti-glare screen is not so pleasing but I know it is good for my eyesight.
Well, that can be forgiven.

The  Accutype keyboard does makes my typing more accurate and effective. I'm not sure how it works but this design of the keyboard does work well for me. There is not a problem with the keyboard so far and I'm satisfied with it.

The touch-pad wise has lots of issue. There are many times the cursor would freeze and hang but yet I can use the keyboard at the same time. I tried ALT + CRTL +Delete for Task Manager and it works after I end task the Synaptic Drive system
But then it gets a bit more annoying when you have to do this 3/4 times while using the Pc. 
Apparently, it happens the same while using a mouse as well.
Thus, I decided to update the latest drive and see how it goes.
So far, it does happen at times but it wont freeze that long, and this time whenever I go Task Manager, it would unfroze by the time the Task manager is open.
Well, I believe it's not a Hardware issue, thus warranty wouldn't help out anyways.
Just hope that Lenovo would update their driver to be compatible with the system then.

Well, the system and Ram wise are all fine for me for my simple computer tasks such as using Adobe software and online blogging. It is sure much better than my old Dell Inspiron 1420.

Windows 8.1 to me,
at first is can be quite annoying cause the sensitivity of the touchpad can sometime just lead to the android look homepage.
I think if this laptop has a touchscreen tab , it would be more suitable for that homepage but 
I would prefer the old method of windows interface instead.
Oh well, I would try to get use to this then and see how it goes. 

The Sound system is really Good and LOUD! Love it !

Well, that's all about it !!
Anymore questions about this just comment below and I will update you guys about it !

Thanks for reading.


HI, Im Felicia, a Youtuber, Special-Effect Makeup Artist , Linguist whom loves Batik painting. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products and sharing my experiences and travel stories with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at

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