Review of travelling to Crete,unspecified with Apollo tour.

Right after the Summer holidays, we were curious about the unspecified deals provided by Apollo and decided to give it a try.

Well, due to the flight problem issue with Apollo's aircraft, we were placed in a different chartered aircraft and delayed our flight cause the flight crews were confused with the system by Apollo tours.
We weren't satisfied with the flight services provided. 

It was like an amazing race or treasure hunting feeling as we arrived Crete airport, 
we were given a piece of paper stating our Hotel name and where it was.

The name Blue Sea Apartment left us so much curiosity of how our hotel would look like. 
And while taking the bus here, it seems not many locals know about this hotel and they referred us to ask the Taxi drivers instead.

Fortunately, Greek taxi drivers turn out to be helpful and effective.
We found the hotel easily with their help and was amazed by this location and their pool.
The hotel has Wifi, hot shower, air condition. 
Sure decent for us,

However, after 2 nights staying here,
we received a note to change to another Hotel name Villa Dora.

At first, we thought it would such a hassle to move out since we liked this place already.
But then, we had to anyways and came to this cozy homely hotel.
Fortunately, the hotels were situation in same area Platanias.

This Hotel have the same things but air-cond is being charged.
The hotel has lots of mosquitoes but overall, the owner was nice and we had a great time here.

Would we purchase a tour with Apollo again ?

Well, I don't think so. 

Yet, ignoring these, we had a great time in Crete 


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