Review & Unpacking of SJ4000 Sports Camera, China's Go Pro Version

Before our trip to China, 
We decided to give a try of this copy version of Go Pro aka, SJ4000.

This is how it looks like on first arrival.

Again, we purchased this through Lazada and the service delivery was very efficient with Cash on Delivery.
In the box, it came with many other parts.
Here's the amount of parts that came with it including the 
1 X Sports DV
1 X Batteries
1 X Waterproof Case
1 X Bicycle Stand
1 X Base 1
1 X Base 2
1 X Clip
1 X Fixed Base
1 X Adapter
1 X Helmet Base
1 X Bandage
1 X Ribbon
1 X Charger
1 X Wire Rope
1 X Data Wire
1 X Manual
1 X Wiper 1X Switch Support 1 1 X Switch Support 3
And The Review of it !!!

PROBLEMS and Cons of SJ4000
First of all, we did not check the settings for camera and with the original camera itself has the date and time settings on it.
It can be seen on the small screen but when you placed in the Computer, the date and time becomes so much more huge !
The same settings goes on the video too but the video has much more tiny letters of date and time on it instead.

So, due to our stupid mistake, part of our china trip photos on the first week had the watermarks of all these date and time letters.

Plus, the loop recording settings on the product would redelete your first few videos when the file is full and when you record a new video.

Here is how it look like. 

But then we realized it and changed it and it was great !!
So, do take note about this .

However, 5mp is not that clear for certain pictures. And it would not look that good under a strong sunlight cause the picture might be overexposed or your face would look white.
Here's an example of our almost overexposed photo.

The White angle lens is just perfect to capture a great view together with us in the background.
And it takes us some time to also get used to the angle of taking photos.
We would have not face the camera at all and have it at an angle on our side with the lens not facing directly on us.
Why? if we end up in the middle of the picture, our face would look fatter and we would block the gorgeous view behind us.

Apparently this was made in China, but wherever we went in south China, most people would be surprised to see our sport camera and ask what brand it is. 
The funny thing is when we reply : SJ4000, and they were like : HUH? What brand? Sony, Casio, Canon? 
LOL , then we would have to explain the whole thing to them.

How ironic when the things made in China arent popular in China yet.
And Yes, that includes the Selfie stick that we bought extra for about RM20.

Do you need to buy a selfie stick?
Depends on what you prefer, but for me, Id say Yes. 
It works way much better for taking photos, fliming or selfie with the stick. And most of all, it's retractable and with the lenght adjustment , meaning you get a choice of a wider angle view. ( manual zoom in and out choice)

So , Here's a compilation videos taken with SJ4000 and Sony NEX-5. 
How to see the difference, the sound and resolution and probably you can spot the date watermark on the SJ4000 recorded videos.


As price comparison, the GoPro Hero 3 costs about RM1000+ compared to SJ4000.
Well, for this quality and price, I think its worth it except for the stupid date mode that we didnt realize before taking photos and recording videos.

Ps, another setting you might want to change is the loop recording settings.
It comes together with the original settings and what loop recording setting means , it would delete back the videos you recorded for the first time in order to record the new videos !! 
Yea... that's how part of our awesome first week videos just delete like that......
Take NOTE !!

Do , let me know what you think about this if you have also the same sports camera,
Any questions, just comment below. 

Thanks for reading.


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