Summer Holidays in Crete, Greece

After our first tour experience with Ving to Gran Canaria, 
We decided to have our Next tour but this time with Apollo instead !

However, a few days before our journey, 
we saw in the News regarding Apollo having issues with their aircraft during the take off.

So, our flight was replaced with another private chartered flight known as BH Air.
It's pretty interesting as the seats were different and the aircraft was way more huge, we had a lot of empty seats and confused aircrew staffs.  Nevertheless, we had a slightly delay safe flight to Crete.

Highlights of this trip : Clear Blue water in Kolymbari

Our Hotel on arrival was the Blue Sea Apartments in Platanias. 
Its with Aircond, hot water and wifi. 
Convenient and the beach is only 2 mins walk away!
So, we went to the Beach instantly and right opposite our Island was a Mini island call Theodora Island . We has a great day chilling at the beach, exploring Platanias main street and did some shopping.

Next day, we decided to take a bus ride to Chania.
Stumbled upon some park in the middle of the city. 
And went Marketing ! Cause we heard that Chania is best for shopping !!
Indeed it was much cheaper to buy souveniers in Chania than Platanias!
More variety too !

Look at the amount of cheese and olives !

And more exploring the shopping street.
In the Hot Scorching sun ! And we went to some random ruin which had a little view of Chania town.

Check out the church

And at last arrived at their Bay.

We found some other more ruins 

And trespassed some area because some movie production people were fliming there and they even asked us to join and act as passerby for them.

Well, height is not an issue huh ?

and there are some chariot services around the bay.

and we walked all the way to the light house ! 

Pose with the ruins!
Well, Im not the only one that does this~

That night's Dinner was so delicious greek souvlaki, bbq lamb ,greaak spiced sausages, meat balls ,
grill chicken all together in their meat platter deal !
And it comes with Tatziki ! ( Our favourite, cucumer salad) Feta cheese salad , chips and hard lika rock Greek Bread. But it taste good dipping with Olive oil !

And the funniest thing was that these Norwegian couples photobombed our picture even before we made friends with them.
Well, lots of Norwegians have their holidays in Greece and Spain. 

Our view from the restaurant was gorgeous!
And lastly we got served homemade Raki liqour with icecreams. 

The night view of Chania bay is very popular and gorgeous.

And we found in lots of romantic restaurants in those tiny streets near the bay.

Next day, we explored Platanias itself !
It was too warm and I bought a new hat from the store !
Love it so much !!
We found out there is a way up to the hill to see a nice view and their is an old village up there with churches.

And the view from the restaurant !

The houses around here have grapes vines in their car porch, 
pesimmon plants fruiting by their garden and oranges as well.

It was almost sunset and we was passing by some super modern house and the owner came out and saw us. 
She invited us in and served us coffee and tea. We speak not much greek nor she spoke much english. Nevertheless, we has a nice glimpse of her house as it has an inbuilt elevator, remote curtains and most of all a gorgeous verandah with the view of Platanias.

Unfortunately, the sunset was covered by clouds that day.

Thank you Madam !

We moved to another Hotel called Villa Dora.
It was a nice hotel but i suppose it's located had much mosquitoes.
However, this family Villa were so nice as we made friends with our Norwegian neighbors, 
listened to their interesting gossips and also made friends with the owner and their cute babies.

The beach is also about 2mins walk away from the Hotel ! So close !

Here's a pic of me swimming in the hotel's swimming pool.
They have a longer opening hours for their pool.

The next day, we decided to check out the nearby town call Kolymbari.
The bus timing in Crete is very weird, they have a time table for it but to certain places it is not frequent and we would have to follow the bus time table printed on a piece of paper given out by their tourist information booths.

I must say, If you would like to see all of Crete in a go, It's best to just hire a car or taxi.

Kolymbari was a small town with much clean beaches that has unique round pebbles by their shores.
Not to forget, their unique ruins.
Upon reaching the monastry in Kolymbari, we realized we were not allowed to go in due to our improper outfit.
So instead, we stroll around that area, found a tiny museum, with old wine barrels in their hidden cave. Too bad, their wasn't a proper tap for me to taste their antique wine.
Then next, we found a pathway to a hidden church in the cave.

And the view from there was amazing ! The white building over there is the monastry.

AND YES! !! We arrived at the Church ! But no one was in there and it was locked.
Probably here is where the church place their gold and precious wines.. Hmm

And we decided to do down to the rocky beach below for a swim cause from above we saw that the water is super clear on that side.
See how clear it is !!!
And right after that we were hungry and we had our snack Greek kebab aka. Gyros.
It's super delicious !!! With tatziki topping !

The next day, our adventure was to go to the Longest gorge in Europe,
the Samaria Gorge.
The transport there was not convenient as they only have 2 buses a day and it goes super early in the morning from Chania.
Well, we made it for the last bus there !

And walked a lot of downhills stepping on rocks , mostly just rocks.

It was tiring but fun as we made lots of friends while hiking !

And took some weird photos~

One of the part which is the most narrow gorge along the way.
It was the dry season so we were basically hiking on the river paths.
On the way we see some kri-kri , the special greek mountain goats and donkeys.

I became super tan from massive sun burning since Spain and now Crete!

But the end of the hike was a gorgeous beach, Agia Roumeli !
The most blue-ish sea I ever swam in my life with super clear water even 10 feets below !

And we took the last ferry back

Passing by some nice towns.

And went back our Hotel to swim again by the sea. It was the full moon that night. And I caught it with Love ~
The next day, I fell sick and got fever that night itself but I couldn't spend my vacation bumming in the hotel so we went Rethimnon.
Aka small Chania.
However, we didnt like Rethimnon as much as Chania. 

Its like the fake modern kind of China, with overpriced meals.

And Our last day, I was still sick like crazy, puking throughout the journey.
And we went to Falassarna !!
Known as the cleanest beach in Crete.

We walked through Olive ochards to visit some archaeological ancient grounds. 

And it's said that this place use to be a pirate bay.

Pirates lived here long time ago.

And due to me being super sick, I didn't swim in their gorgeous crystal clear beach.

I got back Norway safely, took some medicines and rested a few days.
Apparently I got food poisoning. Well, it could be the water or food. I don't know.
But I'm glad I was tough enough to go through the sickness while travelling instead of resting as 
there is no regrets to say how many parts of Crete I have been to.

I would sure love to go back Crete again though.
It is such a huge island that we only saw one part of it. Will next time stay and explore Herakloin area instead. 

And If you wonder why we did not went to Santorini even though it was just a ferry ride away?
Well, the price for a ferry ride to Satorini would cost approximately 170euro for a day return and we would only have 2 to 4 hours in Santorini.
Worth it ? Well not for us.
But , one day , we will go to Santorini.
Life is still a long journey! 

Thanks for reading.


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