Travelling to Xijiang on a Police SUV

Sometimes life can be full of surprises . 
So, did we hijacked or hitchhiked a police SUV ?
Well, I wished my travel stories would be more dramatic but it didn't turned out that way.
I was just so lucky to have a friend whom turned out to be the Chief Police officer of the province.

That morning in LeiShan town, her dad came with his driver and picked us up to drive us to Xijiang Village.

Upon arriving Xijiang's entrance, we skipped the fee costing 100Rmb per person each with just a wave from the dad to the fellow policemen.

And we hurriedly went to the performance center to watch their culture performance which was again, complimentary.
 The performance video can be watched Here.

Next, was Lunch !!!!!!
We were welcomed with wine in cow horns and a complimentary pink dyed egg.

Our first main dish was spicy sour fish soup. And next came 12 more dishes !!!!
It was by the the most delicious meal we ever tasted in China then !

All thanks to this lovely lady for our VIP day  !

The view from our VIP Balcony from the 阿米苗家restaurant.

And the guy in this picture is the son of the head police which is her brother.

Here, they play music with this instrument and it wasn't easy to blow out the tunes !

XiJiang town is touristy yet the buildings seem more authentic compared to those in Dali or Lijiang. 
Shopping here is much more expensive though and a day would be just fine to check this place out.
What unique about this area is the culture, food, people and also their unique ceremonies.

And Lucky us ! We came there on a weekday and non public holiday so it wasn't packed at all !

I got my hair done in some local saloon to look like the locals for fun !
It sure did attracted lots of attention from the locals especially walking beside my tall blonde bf !
Well, I don't think I look good in this hairstyle though.
And yet we all still wanted to rent their more grand outfit ! 
It was sure fun to try on their traditional outfits !

Here's a video Upload of some cultural shows and experience we had in Xijiang that we will never forget out lives ! What a memorable day !!

Thanks for reading !!
Will be updating another detailed post about What to See, Do and Eat in Xijiang Village !



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