What to see , do and eat in Xijiang old town !

If you have seen the previous post regarding Xijiang and how we came here with the Police SUV,

Here is the detailed full story and advice for visiting Xijiang.

First, is XiJiang worth paying 100RMB entrance for ?

Well, Xijiang has not much of a natural scenic view but more of the culture.
They have cultural shows and interesting restaurants with different traditions of the Miao miniority.
If you are a cultural person, I'd say its worth it !

One of the top listed to do in Xijiang by most China tourists, is to watch their XiJian cultural show.
This would cost 100Rmb per person and
If you are foreign , its not a problem at all in understanding this performance cause it is just a dance show performance.

But if you want to see similar performance for FREE, you would be able to see this in Kaili city instead. ( which is 2 hours away from XiJiang)

There will be ladies dancing in different traditional miao outfit

Even sexy ones and also men performing music with their unique instrument as well as a 
Solo performance of a guy playing music with just a leaf. 

What i recommend most in XiJiang is to dine in their restaurants.
Most of their restaurant would have hostess dressed up in the traditional Miao wear and Men with their traditional instruments.

They would welcome you by offering you to drink glutinious rice wine from a bull's horn and a pink colour egg with traditional songs playing by those men.

And Meals to try ?!

Miao food are one of the best food we ever taste in China so far. Their food has good blend of sour, salty and spicy. Plus, the delicious sweet glutinous wine is nice to have with the meal.

This is their Sour and Spicy Fish, known as the Must try dish by Miao Miniority.
(If you are a fish eating person and don't mind taking your time slowing picking out the bones)
I would recommend it.
It works as a great appetizer, as the sour-ness makes you crave for more proper food.
Take note, it has bones in it and you gotta pick them slowly cause China's fish is super bony ! 

This is what we recommend most !!!!
5 star rating for this food !
Fried spring onions, leak , paprika ,tomato white 3 layer sliced marinated pork.
A must try.
This dish is also a MUST TRY !!
Their pork are so well marinated and barbecue that it gives you a taste you would never forget.
The only problem is, the one on the far left, is not a meat, its bbq Toufu.
It doesnt taste like meat nor toufu. 

Here are more dishes that we didnt like that much .

Stir fry egg plants and some vege.
Too bad Im not an egg plant person. 
But if you like Egg plants, this could be your dish!

Ughh.. the boiled chicken was our least favourite.
It would probably taste better with some sauce.

Stir fried young fresh bamboo shoots !
This is our favourite and according to the owner,
these bamboo shoots are seasonal and we were at the right time.
There bamboo shoots are different from the stinky huge bamboo shoot we get from ramen shops.
Its fresh, crunchy and yummy !

And all 6 of us couldn't eat finish all these.

But it seems like the locals love the sour fish. They ate them all !

During our Lunch, they will have a special ceremony to welcome the guest which was surprising to us.
The video can be seen on the page below whereby, the men would start playing the music and the hostess would come to us, pouring glutinous rice wine down our bowls feeding us. But then there is a game where they would feed us but if we cant catch the food on the chopstick, we would need to keep drinking the wine !! We sure ended up leaving the restaurant in a tipsy manner.

And with my tipsy-ness, 
I decided to get a Hair Extension !

Only 20RMB for this hairdo

With super fake, thick ,strings that suppose to look like hair 

Wrapped like a sausage.

Tied into a Unique Bun !
And then placed a fake flower on my head.
Do you think I look adorable or weird?

Well, that's only one part of my "Miao" miniority traditional look !

In the XiJiang village, you would spot some people making homemade sweets with this method.
Hammering !!! 
But i dont think the sweet taste that good. :/

We spotted some racist shop there as well.
And paid 10Rmb to try on another Outfit like those ladies performing in the performance.

Looks like this could be my cover huh.
And with my other minority friends.
We sure did attracted lots of attention.

Here's how some of the XiJiang guest hotel and houses look like.
They are pretty new and commercialized by China standard. 

We hiked up then to see the view of XiJiang village from above.
It was pretty ~~ but a tough hike for the mama beside me. 
She had to carry an extra baby !
And after a day walking around, we came back to the same old restaurant 阿米苗家 for Dinner.

But this time, it's different food , with different VVIP!

This is by far the BEST insect dish I ever tasted in my life !
It's crunchy, spicy and salty! What a yummy snack !
And its some kind of grasshopper that lives in the paddy feeding on the grains, so it's some healthy insect we are eating afterall.

And this Mutton spicy soup dish was the bomb !
The mutton was soft and spicy.

Look how Happy we are all eating!! Nom Nom Nom.

And the VVIP eating with us was the Cheif Policemen of the LeiShan commune area, the owner of the restaurant and one the the 10 top Policeman in China. 
What a privilege for us to meet them !

And after the meal, the Cheif Policeman gave us a souvenier. 
We were shocked , surprised, happy and touched by his generosity and kindness.

That night, the Cheif policeman sent his chauffeur to send us back and on the way, we stopped by to gaze at the night view. 
It was a full moon night. 
The light comes from the night cultural performance from the stage show.
So if you missed the day time cultural show, you can still make it for the night cultural show.

That's all about XiJiang.
Thanks for reading !!


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