Rock Climbing in Yangshuo 阳朔攀岩

I had never tried rock climbing on a real rock until this time I was invited to join the Zhuoyue English school retreat out to a place nearby YuLong River. We were guided by one of their teacher and all of us cycled from Yangshuo town to there in about an hour ride.

What can I say, the cycling part wasn't fun as we had to cycle through muddy and dusty main road alongside with those passing vehicles. However, it was worth it!

The path we chose we a bit more to advance level as the beginner's path was taken by other climbers.

The start was sure a challenge for me as I haven't got such rock in those indoor climbing centres.

And here's our master in climbing teacher.
The one whom motivated me .

He provided us climbing shoe and some dude told me that it's best to wear a shoe size smaller than normal.
So I did, but my toes were so much in pain !!!
OUCH !! It kinda bother me to give up cause of the pain on my toes.

But one thing I learn from this climb was that I should Never use my knee to climb !
It was nothing after that but the Next day, my legs and knees were full of bruises and wounds !

And also I learnt that, sometimes we might think you wont make it, 
But somehow, just keep trying and don'y give up,
you might surprise yourself of what you have achieved then.

I never thought I would reach the top but I did !

And the Reward was thee View !

Later then we cycled to Yulong river which was only 1min away!

It was on the National Holiday of China and it was so crowded !

Well, How was it?



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