He proposed in Maldives !


started with our first trip to Singapore to attend our first friend's wedding ceremony.
Pic taken at Ochard Road.
And then the meetup with my BEST GF- ZOEY whom is also now Happt with someone !


And we flew with Tiger Air for the first time and Maldives sure welcomed us with some a gorgeous view from above !
I had never seen so many Atolls in my life !
And the first arrival and walk around Male was sure interesting when we passed by a Mosque and was invited to have a tour in it.
* Ps: It is my first time visiting a mosque despite being from Malaysia !

We rested a night in Male city itself and took the ferry to Thodoo Island the next day.

On the way, we stopped by Rashdoo to check out a bit.

Thodoo is the Place !
The sea was calm like a pond. Clear waters, nice hotels and friendly locals.

We got ourselves a spot at the bikini beach area and started chilling on the floating bed.


Well, we turned out spending the whole day by the beach playing around. snorkeling, balancing on the floating bed. 
Lastly, when sunset comes, we just had the idea of trying to balance 2 person which is about 135KG over weighting the stated warning (80KG Max).
Surprisingly , it was successful !  
Yet, we got drifted away and got caught into some corals and I saved the float from bursting ! :P
Then I told him, let's GO PRO this with the Sunset !
And he did but with something underneath his "sleeves"
He had a waterproof bag and said it was the extra Go-pro equipment . So, with one hand holding the Selfie Stick recording that moment, another hand reaching out onto the waterproof bag behind my back "on a floating bed" ; while the sun is melting away ,
 after the Kiss, I opened my eyes and saw a tiny Black box with a shiny ring in it.
Everything stood still, my mind went BLANK.
I sure did not expected it !
There were hints and thoughts of that it could be in Maldives,
but what i thought could be was at a romantic dinner.

I cried, not because it wasn't a good surprise,
because I have waited for this moment sometime, 
because I never thought it would be so beautiful
because I never thought it would be while I'm in a wet bikini.
because I never thought it would be in my No makeup moment,
because I never thought it would be so unexpected 
because I never thought it was so unique
And bottom line,
I could not believe that this is for real.

I was surprised.
I was touched.
I was contented and blissful.


Since I was young, I always dream about a fairy tale wedding.
But after being through life, I realize fairy tales doesn't exists.
And so called, Happily ever after didn't seem to work with my past relationships.
I lost faith in love, but Christian , for these past 3 years, had made me the 
Happiest women ever. 
He taught me a lot of things in life and made me better.
He is just so self-less , funny , cute , easily contented and wise.
He never forgets me.
He brings me to see the world.
He made me feel beautiful.
He keeps his promises.
He loves me for who I am.

And that's why I said YES !

and what's NEXT ?

We will keep on travelling and taking our own wedding photos as we travel.
 And will keep our close friends & families updated about our the day then !
Ps.  We will show the original proposal video on the DAY.

Thank you so much for all the Congrats wishes !

Tusen Takk.


A Special-effect Makeup artist , speaks 7 languages and loves to share her lifestyle, beauty and travelling experience here. She also shares her secret to learning languages on her Youtube channel.

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