Biking to Liping River,Scenic view on 20RMB

Arriving on China's Independence day.

Many of our friends have warned us about this day as it would be the Most expensive , crowded period as most locals would travel during this period.

Well, forgetting that China has the highest population in the world, we took this risk and yes indeed,
everything had a price increase including Bike rental.

and next day participating their Rock Climbing activity which was 

Nevertheless, staying just in Guilin city itself bored us as we had spent 3 full days exploring around there already. So instead of signing up a RMB200 tour to Liping River, We decided to rent a RMB80 bike for a day and explore em ourselves !!

Guilin itself is just lovely with so many hills surrounding it.
But as we traveled further, the view itself was just so much different from the city .
The only thing that was unpleasant was our bike ride on dusty road.

Unfortunately, we forget to ask for helmets from the guy that rented to us, 
thus, sunglasses is not enough for a long bike ride that goes through along rough and dusty roads.

PAIN in the ASS

Liping is abut an hour plus ride away from Guilin and it's a bit too long for the Butt for sure !

But it took us longer cause on the way, we drove into other rural scenic area and spotted some villages and a bathing bull in the pond !
They were so shy to expose themselves !

As we arrived Liping ,
the view was amazing but then it was super crowded and jam.

Thank goodness we were on our bikes, 
easier to ride by those traffic.
But one thing for sure, the road entrance of Liping was SO BAD !
The most dusty road ever and full of pot holes !

I probably got so much blackheads and white heads from not wearing a mask.

There is just so many boat trip deals but the river looked quite dry and we just didn't want to take a boat ride.

We enjoyed riding through some villages and exploring about those areas.

On our way back, we stop by for toilet at the petrol station and it was the worst and dirtiest toilet i ever seen in my life. I almost puked. And Yes, No doors, just a drain-like row without a flush.

The journey was definitely nice but
if I were to do it again, I would remember to wear a helmet and a face mask.

And Next---- We headed to our Next destination to Hitch + hiking up to Hotel Dazhai in Longsheng , the rice terrace fields ! That was such a crazy adventurous day ! Just click the link to Read more about it ! 

THanks for Reading & may the world inspire u ~


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