Hiking up to Dazhai Hotel,Longsheng !

Longsheng was one of our anticipated destinations but yet 
in order to get there without a tour was a pain in the ass.

We arrived at the main bus terminal and took the bus which would bring us to another stop for us to change to another bus that would bring us to Dazhai.

Once we got to the so called stop, ( by the road side), 
we saw another bus and asked the lady if this were to Dazhai eventhough it was stated to Heping.
Well , she said Yes and so we went onto it.

about 1 min drive we came onto a checkpoint and there we had to pay ticket entrance costing 100Y per person. And then we had a small arguement as we thought they were cheating us as we showed them our students cards and they said above 19 yrs old's student cards are not valid at all whereas some local students beside us aging 20 got that price. 

Well, we learn our lesson, we could never fight any quarrels with China chinese people. 
They were so fierce !!

The next thing was, this bus just stopped us in the fork junction of Dazhai and PingAn.
And we were like WTF!!

Again, another argument with the ticket collector and she gave us back 5Y !!? 
We were so disappointing cause it wasn't the money but the hassle to wait in the middle of the road for ?? 

But anyways, some others came down with us and told us it would be impossible to Hitch hike up there. Well, we were so lucky that we got hitch not long after that.

They were so nice to even lend us their phones to contact our hostel owners that we booked from Agoda.
I contacted them but was so confused as she told us to walk in further and she would be waiting by the stairs and Not to take the Gondola/Cable car~~!!

WTF communication was that??

So, with our 20kg backpacks, we found an entrance and walked a gravel pathway till these villages and continue to walk further in without a single clue Who is She, how she look like etc.

After 15mins of walking without any clue,
we found these stairways and followed the crowds and saw a lady in traditional costume waiting by one of the stairways.
All she did was to tell us to follow the old lady in carrying the basket up. 
That old lady would show us the way.

So it's me beside this old lady.
There were other old ladies too offering us to carry our bags for 50Y but come-on !
I'm still young and strong, why should i let some older women carry my bags for me ?
 Nevertheless, at that kind of age, WOW ! They are sure strong !!

We couldn't wait for the old lady constant resting and decided to follow  the crowds and find our own way.
Well, we were lucky it was a public holiday and there were so many people !
And by randomly asking people, we just kept walking uphill and constantly seeing most people reaching their destinations and hotels.

The name of the hostel

                   Longji Jinkeng Dazhai Hostel

was surely something hard to translate in Chinese to the locals.
Most of the times, they would reply hmmmmm I dont know,
should be Dazhai hotel.

And we just kept going uphill not knowing if that Dazhai hotel was the hotel they said to be ours.
Up till a point, we got so tired of our uncertainty, we asked a local inn person to help us make a phone call to ask what is their hostel name precisely in Chinese.
And YES! It was DAZHAI Hotel大寨旅馆 afterall !!

And we kept going uphill again but was distracted with the view on the way

And taking photos before the sunsets !

And the locals always look at us carrying our backpacks and complementing us for being so strong.
Some parents would even point us out to their complaining spoilt kids.
Passing by their villages are also an interesting way of seeing how the locals cook .

Or even spotting a Naruto Dog ?!

And at last !!!!! We found our hostel !!!

We got ourselves a twin singel bed room with this view !! 
Super gorgeous !
and in their wooden hotel they have posters of other scenic look during other season.

And the owner's daughter which is now 20years old !

They also have their own restaurant with outdoor cafe.
The next thing was, she asked me help to guide a group of german tourists up there and talked to them through the phone.
Well, apparently they dont speak much english and are trying to learn more.

The germans sure did make their way up but arrived at night when everything became so dark.
So, it's best not to arrive at night cause they got no street lamps all the way up to light the path.

What's special about the local dish here is their bbq bamboo rice.

and believe me, it's super delicious !!!!!!

It has natural sweetness and the smell of charcoal in it. 

We ordered some noodles costing about 23Y but it was worth it!
We knew the price for food her is costly as it takes much effort for them daily to carry these items up to their home.

And I helped them to translate their chinese food menu to English and helped them to type of a guide form in English for the foreigners on how to get up to their hostel without needing of calling for communication.

The next morning, 
we woke up early to see the sunrise !

It was beautiful and worth waking up for.

Then,we headed back for our breakfast and had their homemade soyabean curd.
It was delicious !!!!

And the I bought some souvenirs from their small stall outside their hostel.
This is the grandmother of the girl.

30Y was sure worth it!
And I borrowed her basket to take photos.
Look the handle of it is made of ( NOT HAIR)
plants that look like hairs.

As usual, the crowd disperse when the sun became scorching hot !
Yet it was perfect for photos !

Before we leave, we took a selfie with their family.
They were so nice and friendly and provided us so much care unlike other mainstream hotel.

And on our way down , we got to see the truth behind their bun !
They indeed have SUPER LOOOOOOONG HAIR !!!!!!!!!!!!

It was super worth hiking up there with our heavy backpacks and 
our only regret was not being to stay longer due to our tight schedules.

We sure would like to be back there during other seasons and do recommend others to visit this beautiful village area. The hike might be tiring but the view and the culture within these people are worth visiting.

Big thanks to 

   Longji Jinkeng Dazhai Hostel

for the wonderful accommodation and experience !

And Next? Congjiang and
  Sanjiang. With Lovely Night Views of lighted pagoda bridge.
where we took brutal bus rides to these unknown destinations facing lots of communication problems with the China chinese people.

Read here more about the Brutal Long distance bus ride in China. 

Thanks for Reading.


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