Double decker train in China with in-House Karaoke and Club !


We bought a ticket from LiJiang to Kunming on a night train after the adventures to the 
and was surprised to know that our train was the new Double Decker train !!
Obviously, this cannot be compared to the Japanese double Decker trains at all~

We were on cargo 9 and they annouced that  cargo 14 and 15 will have a restaurant and entertainments.
and so, we were curious ! We walk through other cargos, passing by other's cabin room and smokig fellas on the connecting cargo sections to HERE.

The Restaurant !
The food there was exorbitant by Chinese kampung standards as meals are from rmb40 onwards.
Furthermore, it didn't look delicious.

Whereas, the Next cargo 15 surprised us !!
We walked into a dim rom with colourful lighting ambience.
And at the end, we see a bar.
Well, the price was NICE as well~

And they even got a PIANO in it !!!

Well, I suppose not many are keen for a bright club room on a train huh ~
People in here didnt seem like they were in a party mood though~
I guess it was just too early, or the expensive alcohol kept them sober ~ 

As for us, we were just too tired and went to bed.
There are 3 bunks, and we got the middle bunk.
Well, it was sure comfy as we were the last one running out of the train barefooted !
The inspector has to wake us up ! 
It was such a hilarious moment for us rushing out the train as if we were being kicked out ~

Then we arrived Kunming
and the story continues as we had the Worst Hotel Experience Ever in our Life !

And that's it ! 
Thanks for reading ~


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