GuiZhou's Gem, ZhenYuan OldTown, WuYang River 美丽的镇远古镇,舞阳河

After our local experiences in XiJiang ,
we went next to ZunYi as there we can take the train to ZhenYuan.

As we arrive ZhenYuan, the famous old town by the river spot was just above 5min drive away .
There is no bus in that area and taxis are very affordable.

We left our luggage and start to explore this town before dusk.

There is a nice walking path along the river with restaurants, cafe and hotels.
It was very relaxing just walking by the river here without the hustles and bustles of the busy town.

It totally reminds me of the olden Kungfu days as we walk along this river. 

The river kept going but we just stopped at the most end of this town.

I then rented the traditional costume to match this scenic location.

The night came so fast and again, Zhen Yuan amazes us with their night beauty ! 
We just had a day keep walking by this long river. 

And we had the best Xinjiang BBQ ever here !!

That night , we gazed at this view and sip onto our wines and then called it a day.

We were planning to take a morning tour but woke up with a hazy view and thought it wouldn't be that nice to take a boat tour on this river. 
So instead, we explored the hills where the locals live and spot a nice view of this old town.

If only it wasn't hazy. There is another hill opposite which is more direct and cost about RMB30.
But we thought of the view from there wouldn't be that nice as we wont be able to get the view of the old houses and hills behind.

At times, it becomes to steep to transport things up into their homes on this hill so they would use donkey instead.

We left ZhenYuan that evening itself to GuiYang and
totally regretted to stopover GuiYang as then only we realized, 
ZhenYuan is just so beautiful and is one of our favorite place at that time.

And so, if you ever thought of where to stopover in Guizhou,
I strongly recommend Zhen Yuan.

Updating next about our loitering moments in 



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