My Online shopping Hack with iprice


Hey Guys!
I just wana share this cool hack i had been using lately for my online shopping !!

Well, let me explain my situation,
I was looking for a pair of men shoe acsics for the bf precisely and wana know which online shops in Malaysia that gives the best price.
Obviously It would be hassle to click onto different online shops or google 
Acsics men shoes Malaysia but then it would come up with Ebay and other international websites I dont want to deal with !

So I found this cool website

Iprice !

It simplifies my search and placed the specific brand i want from the major online shops in Malaysia such as Zalora, Lazada, Lamido bla bla bla~ LOL ( Nowadays online shops names are just so similar) and I can easily compare the prices and designs. Moreover, I get to see which gives the BEST OFFER !
Wohooo !!! No more crazy tabs on my chrome which confuses me so much !


iprice is international !
So, if you not in Malaysia
they also have in these contries below

Other than this,
 Dont forget to check out their coupon deals from different sites and CLAIM em !

And that's how i make my online shopping experience better ! 
Read more about my online shopping experience with Lazada here for SJ4000(action camera) and Here for Lenovo Ideapad S410.

Have a Great day ahead !!!

PS: Most of my wedding gowns are bought online and some of them have arrived !
I'm so excited about it !!

Keep updated about our next travels to Indonesia !


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