Journey from Nusa Lembongan to Nusa Penida

The less touristy Bali- Nusa Lembongan

Bali is a well known touristy place and one of the more touristy island nearby is known as Nusa Lembongan. We first went onto Nusa Lembongan and sure felt it was less touristy/ convenient than Lombok's Gilli Trawangan. Nevertheless, we had a great time in Nusa Lembongan.

We spent 4days on Nusa Lembongan rented the motorbike  and explored a few places,
got too close to huge waves

  and almost got myself killed....

But then it wouldnt stop us from exploring and relaxing

as we felt that we had enough of the nature here, 
we then ask ourselves, 
Where to do Next?

Then , we then saw a map of this way bigger island next to Nusa Lembongan known as Nusa Penida.

 How to Get to Nusa Penida ??

Now how to get there was the tricky part. 

We asked our hotel staffs and restaurant staffs how to get there and they were responding is a way : " Why do you want to go there? It's nothing there ~ Only snorkelling...."
Many would just discourage us to go there or just say u gotta charter an boat ride there which would cost abt 200,000 rupiah.

But with my bahasa skills, ;p 
I managed to asked a kind local
 whom inform us about the traders from that island that comes here to sell in the morning.
She said : Just go to the market hall area and ask those traders n then follow them.

Well, Sounds simple enough.

The start of an adventure

And so we woke up early, packed our bags and went to the market hall thinking there will be a boat there to pick us up. The market hall was near the sea in just a min walk and that day, i rained, the sea was fierce, the waves were hitting onto the restaurants by the seaside. It was even impossible to Walk on the beach cause there wasn't any !
We were worried and had a second thought of skipping this idea. 
Next, a young local came and told us to talk to the traders,
I went to talk to them, but OH NO !!
They were old grandmas and spoke no proper bahasa.
I can't understand her bahasa n she cant understand mine. 
I had to have the other young lady to translate for me ~
 she told us the boat doesn't leave from here,
it leaves from another side, the bridge connecting to Nusa Ceningan.

And we recalled ourselves being there before. 
Its a narrow bridge leading to another smaller island beside Nusa Lembongan.
And she convinced us that the waves aren't that huge there, it's safe and we are going on a SAMPAN !
"Sampan"??  A Small wooden boat ??!!
Now that didn't sound safe to me.

Then, she explained how to get there, you either charter your own driver to drive you there on a truck costing 100,000rp about Rm30, or follow us and pay the driver 10,000rp per person each.
and so, we decided to go with her on their truck. 
We waited about 10min by the road side, there the truck came and it was empty then but the ladies went up with their baskets and it was full. We barely had space for our bags than I had to place some of my bags into their dirty basket..
"In my heart I was screaming out... Urghhh my BAG!!!!!"
Obviously, the truck was full. But then after 2mins drive, the driver stopped and up came 2 more women with their baskets!!!

We watched them with our eyes open wide, as they stack up the baskets high and just stood up holding onto it.

Honestly, I always wonder how was it like travelling with the real locals in rural areas in Indonesia.... let me tell you how fun yet frightening & dirty it can be. Holding hard onto the sides and sitting on their unleashed back cover as they truck goes uphill but then it stopped as we were just too heavy ! I panic as we felt the truck going backwards downhill but then the village women jumped off the truck and Christian was yelling to me:" Let's Get off !!! Tell the driver we are getting off ! This is just too dangerous  !!!" I panicked and as i was about to yell to the driver, Christian stood up to jump off but as the women were off the trucks, the load was lighter and the truck move uphill instantly !!! I looked at Christian and seeing him loosing his balance but then he grabbed onto a basket and got himself back into the truck.

 I Thank God at that moment !! Then he mummer-ed : I hope this experience will be worth it. The ladies hopped by in and we were all going downhill and  easy roads after that,
But one painful thing was that we had to SQUAT all the way except for Christian cause he is still sitting on the unlock backlash of the truck. Thank God again it was only about 15min bumpy ride.

And we reached the harbour in one piece !
As we get off , we paid the driver 10,000rp each and then headed for the boat.
Thankfully, it was their prayer season and there are locals going there to pray as well. 
We had the choice to follow the trader's boat which is an old wooden boat or, a more modern one.
And, we took the more modern speed boat of course !!
it was only 25,000rp per person to get to Nusa Penida.

Here's how the locals look like in their traditional outfit.

And us in the boat!

The sea was sure calm on the other side and we reached Nusa Penida safely for sure.

And that rough ride was sure worth it cause Nusa Penida was something we had never been before !

Thanks for reading !!
Will update more gorgeous pictures and our adventure stories on Nusa Penida !



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