How to Cut Open the Durian ~


It was just right not long we came back to Malaysia and I specially told my dad to buy some Durian for me cause I missed it so.

And that day when AngMo came home,
He instantly covered his long nose and asked: EWWWw~~ What's that Smell???

Well, the truth is, he has seen durian in the night markets and even tried the fried ice cream Durain flavour and loves it. But to try it ??


We went to the kitchen and saw a pile of them !!
I was super excited and BEGGGGGGGGed him to Cut Open for me while i go up to shower and get ready to come down to eat them !

After the nice warm shower, He showed me this.......

And then Immediately, I shouted to the whole Family to come over to Check it out !

We all had a nice laugh over it but only Dad got a little Grumpy. 

The AngMo made a dent on the Sink !!!!!!!!!

And I calm him down and said : " It's all the Viking genes ~"

And Of course later we did explained on how to cut Open the Durian properly. 



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