How to get Single Status in Malaysia, KL

So, the first step of our ROM in Norway was to get the Single status in Malaysia,
Apparently, my fiance got his single status from his government through a mail sent to his home.
But for me, I had to go through this.
All you have to have with you in mind is to know your partner's passport number, full name, DOB,  and of course MUST BRING your IC.
That simple.

Step 1:

Go to Putrajaya, JPN ( Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara)
Take the form
Go up to 1st floor at the Marriage registration counter and ask for Single status form.
The lady at the counter would give u a form to fill in and tell you to go to the commissioner of Oath at the Istana Kehakiman( Palace of Justice)  which is about 10-15 min walk / 4 min drive there
I reckon you write the form on the way and go there morning to settle this as there are some places you will need to go after which closes at 4pm.

 The Example of the form looks like this and with several more pages,
Step 2: GO TO Istana Kehakiman( Palace of Justice) for endorsement
& Fill up the Form
And you will need to pay Rm4 to a machine at the Commisoner of Oath department which is at the ground floor for their signature and endorsement.
Step 3: GO BACK TO JPN for Number Queue
Then after you get that signed and chop, you just continue fill up the form for the rest of information in this form in the A and C column that's all and then go back to JPN.

  When you get back to JPN, just give this form to the counter lady and then she will only give you the number. I went in the afternoon and they were quite slow, I had only 7 numbers before my turn but I had to wait about an hour plus.

Step5 : Pay Rm5 and Wait
When the counter call my name, I just handed the form and paid RM5 and then she did some other checkings and asked me to wait for the lady at the counter to call my name later. 

And then I waited for  another 20mins , by the time I got this form,
She informed me the last step is to go to Wisma Putra,Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get their endorsement but they are closed by 4pm already. I missed it by minutes !

Step 6: Get your Papers and go to Ministry of Foreign Affairs before 4pm
Step 7: Get your Number & Pay Rm10

It's quite a drive all the way to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Putrajaya itself and you can't walk there.
Go to Wisma putra , it's on the right side of the entrance and just ask the lady at the counter to give you a number and go straight to their counter to give your form. 
They were very fast and efficient, I only waited 5mins and got my endorsement done for RM10.



Do mind you, some countries would require your birth certificate and probably it's best to get your old one renewed so it's easier for them to ensure the authenticity of the cert.
I got mine done on the same floor as the wedding registration area and it was sure FAST ! 
There is a Rm5 fee.

This Single Status is only valid for 150 days and i did it right 1 week before I come to Norway.
Will update on how the procedure in Norway's like then.
Thank you and all the Best !



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