How was it like to volunteer as an English Teacher in China

During China's national holiday, we decided to avoid the crazy crowded tourist attractions and try giving back to the society.

We got in contact with Zhuo Yue English College in Yangshou, Guilin, China beforehand and they were keen to have us around speaking English to their students.

And of course, they were surprised that I could speak both fluent Mandarin and English as well . Thus, they would love to get some tips in mastering English verbally.

The nice part of this participation was that they would provide an air-conditioned dorm , lunch & dinner on weekdays, weekend activities & some drinks.

Honestly, to us, probably you can skip their accommodation as sleeping in a hostel or a hotel in China is pretty cheap and much more comfortable / hygiene than their dorm. 
But don't miss their Lunch and Dinner time cause their kitchen serves super delicious meal !!!!
And their weekend activities can be fun too~

So, we were scheduled to first have an hour class of self introduction in English and of our country.
And then next another half hour in another private class of about 5-10 students for closer interaction.

The First Class- Introduction

Casually, we had no prepared facts with us but just ramblings of our countries.
I first introduced where I came from and my country.
One student got confused with Malaysia and the word Malaria.
I had to explain what Malaria means. Lol

Well, practically majority of the class were quiet except of the front girl sitting closest to me.
At times I would question if they understood me or I will translate certain complicated words to them in Mandarin. Otherwise, I draw pictures of the cultures , or famous buildings in Malaysia.

Christian, also added some of his experience as he has been to more parts of Malaysia than me. 

The quiet silence........... Do you Understand??
and some would nod and some wouldn't.

So I needed some actions or kungfu to Kick in the boredom and simplify my words .

And at the end of the class,
The pink t-shirt girl looked satisfied and probably she understood most. 

And the next class, they placed me into the high advance English level students to communicate with me while Christian went into the advance English level class.

The next Half hour went easily as those students understood me very well and I taught them that English is not about how many complicated vocabularies  you know. It's more of conversing and words you use in daily life to communicate. How to be fluent? Just listen more English musics, watch more English movies and dramas and don't be shy to speak it out.

And then it was over and we had an exciting weekend Rock Climbing and cycling with the students.
Unfortunately, they were planning for a water rafting activity but had to cancel last minute due to the festive season. So Instead, we went Bamboo rafting at Yu Long river which was so fun to go through the waterfalls. !

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