Loiterring in GuiYang

Well I guess at times we do make bad decisions during our travels but regardless how,
we have to find fun in ourselves regardless where we go even though certain places would be much more disappointing as we were "spoilt " by all the scenic locations we had been to.
Right after our "spoilt" moments in the beautiful 
We then decide to stay 3 days in GuiYang !!!!!

GuiYang sure a super huge city and much crowded than we expected.
Our days in GuiYang was just turned off by the rain but we still manage to see most of the city as they have free and comfortable double decker buses. 

As most of the locals say, GuiYang is famous for their amount of delicious food stalls.
We were advised to try Si Wa Wa and some other dishes but wasn't impressed and sometimes even disgusted upon randomly trying some stalls just by the roadside.

This was call the Si Wa Wa, apparently, a must try here, 
I tried it out of curiosity and it tasted like Sperm or Uncooked egg white... Urghhhhh
So plzzzz if you like weird food, go on and try ~
Randomly walking around the backstreets, we found food courts and there it looked like our SS2 food court but more cramped and messy.
I tried their tasteless fried rice and YUMMY Dumplings !!!

Shopping in Guiyang is also a No , No as I dont mind such sales and promotions but things that are overpriced, much overpriced even compared to Malaysia.

To me, I was surprised as of all our travels in China so far, GuiYang was the only one that surprises me with their price tags. Shopping in GuiYang wasn't as cheap as I was expected.

 What to Seee???? From the Bus, we saw this and apparently it's their attraction but it didnt amuse us so we didn't stop to check it out in the rain.
That night we spent time with a local friend whom cooked for us his homemade dishes !
He aint a cook but his cookings were much better than we tasted out there !!!

Except for stir fried liver. I'm not a fan of gizzard at all ~~ @_@

But this stir fried meat and vege was YUMMMYYY!!

And Century Eggs ( Duck eggs soaked in Horse Urine) LOL soaked in oily chilli sauce was surprisingly good too !

Well, that short visit was sure enough as we had to go next to AnShun, the traditional village area with different minorities.

Cause life just gotta Move on when some places aint your type :P



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