A miracle in Bali.

Beautiful things sometimes can hurt us, just like a Rose with torns.

Sometimes , travelling safe for sometime can just be boring as you see the same kind of beach and view.

And at time, life can be so comfortable that we take for-granted of treasuring it.
And when we are not careful, we get hurt or a reminder to treasure our life and Thank God for it.

Bali is always known for it's beauty and culture. And to get out of the chaotic main Bali, We went to an island closely known as Nusa Lembongan.
The hotels here are amazing but other than chilling in the pool area, we were curious of the nature around this island.
And so, near the Devil's tear, was some tourist and couples taking wedding photos.
We walked further and found a lonely hidden spot where waves were mighty and splashing on the rocks, imaging a temporary rainbow.
It was beautiful !!

And there, were pool of water in the rocks with some corals & fishes in it.
The waves sure didn't look that mighty after awhile and after a hot scorching day, 
I was sure it would be save just to take a dip
 and some photos of this beautiful place.

The first wave came, and I was a bit worried, but it turned out very small and didnt affect me a bit
Then the second one came and was also the same and I was still precautious.
That's when the third time it came again but I took for-granted thinking it would be not huge but then it did.

Christian wasn't able to do anything from above but to tell me Grab onto the rocks hard.
The waves was fast and Hard.

I got Pushed into the sharp rocks but twisted a bit and instead of hurting my front, 
I got minor scratches on my arms and butt.

But the waves took away my sunglasses.....again !
But my instant reaction after the waves tried to dragged me out into the ocean was to grab hold of the rocks as hard as I can.
Even though it was painful to grab hold onto sharp rocks but i grab onto it with all my strength and when the waves were gone I just climbed as fast as I can before the second one comes.

My body shivered with fear after that incident.
It was sure something that I would never ever forget how mighty the waves can be.

I really Thank God for his protection and only wounded my Butt.
 He has always been there for us in our travels protecting us so much .

Well, will I still swim in the sea?
Yea of course ! This incident is just a reminder but not going to cause a phobia out of me. 
Just that I would be more careful on where I will swim then.

All Praise and Glory to God

Amen !!


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