What to see & do in Kaili 凯里, China

Kaili,Qiandongnan 黔东南苗族 侗族自治州 is located on the train line towards ZhenYuan and our stopover there was extremely interesting. This city is very much polluted as it is located in a valley of much development and construction going on. This city was just an obvious combination of Miao culture with skyscrapers. Some minorities are even in their traditional outfit walking around in this city. 
Which is quite interesting cause it's a modern city with some traditional fusion touch in it !
I love their fusion for sure but not the pollution & noises.

Our friend brought us to a nearest hiking area and there we barely see the view of the city but more of the terrace rice fields on this hill. 

The pollution is so bad we hardly can see the beautiful sunset.
But oh well, there is still beauty in this.

At the top, we saw the locals having their picnic and they invited us to have dinner with them and we did !

It was spicy sour fish and some side dishes. And believe me, China's river fish has the most fish bones I ever tasted in my life !
Most of the time was me trying to pick out the bones from the fish meat itself.

Guess what in return they would like from us ?
Just a picture with Christian !!! 
And those Aunties were placing their arms around him !

And on the way down, we sure got a nice view of the city !

That night we went to see another cultural show but this is FOC !

Again, Christian was swarmed by those Chinese ladies....
He sure does feel like a celebrity. 

But one thing fun about this cultural show is in the end we all get to dance with them in their traditional way around the Bon fire !

And Nope, I didn't got jealous seeing Christian holding some other girl's hand :p

After that we went uphill and this is how the purple stage looks like from above.

And here's what's on the hill !!

Pretty lights~~~

And then later was our snack time !!!
And he brought us to this stall right in front of his apartment for the Yunan BBQ~
It was Super YUMMMMYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

Whatever, Im not gonna pose for photos~ It's just too YUMMMMYYY !!!!! 

And this was our Handsome Single Friend that brought us around here !!!
Let me know ! ;p

He sure made this polluted valley city fun for us !!



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