Anshun Oldtown LongYi

From Anshun town, about 30-1hur mins drive away there is an Old town which is known for the Buyi miniorities. 

Right after attending the Pre-wedding ceremony of some random stranger, we hop onto another friend's car and went to check out the Old historical town nearby.

We were very lucky to have a friend whom's dad's friend is working in one of the museum in this old town.

Yet, we still had to pay for the entrance ticket which isn't much.

As we arrived there later in the evening around 5ish, most of the tourists were all gone and we got enjoy the peacefulness of this old town.

The old town does seem old but well maintained, unlike the fake ones built in Lijiang.
Here, the villagers still dressed up in their traditional outfit as it is their pride.

Especially this kind of door is super old and ancient ! Reminds me of the kungfu dramas i had been watching all these while!

And we sure did spot some old people smoking their handmade pipes.
Oh well, Yunan people are famous for their pipes and this is quite tiny compared to the HUGE ones I've seen.

The people here get's water from underground or a well nearby.

As we arrived near the museum area, there we found some cute sculptures and a curious kid spying on us :P

We sure did had a fun time playing hide and seek with him.

We entered the museum area and it did looked more like an ancient school.
 And there, we met the museum caretaker which is a mutual friend of ours.
He served us a very delicious tea and some fruits he picked from the yard. 
And then showed us around 
And even open the closed museum just for us to check it out !
And WOW !!!!!!!!!
I couldn't believe such fossils existed and they were so beautiful!

Some of these structures sure looked like dinosaurs !

Or many Huge Lizzards?

And the sky went dark and he even invited us to overnight at the old school. Lol sounds spooky~~~
We rejected as we had to leave the next day to Dali.

Our dinner, HOT POT on a cold night
It was Perfect !!
The soup was something I had never tasted before!
Herbal pork spicy soup~ YUMMZZZ

We only had 1 day in Anshun and totally felt that we should have spent more time here as the people here were super nice and friendly. It was sure a less touristy town and much peaceful with a historical taste in it. 

Maybe one day, we will be back again.

Thanks for reading!


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