Anshun Town & Chinese Opera

Tired of the Boring city GuiYang,
We headed next to Anshun, a town closeby to the HuangGuoShu Waterfall.

Anshun is not only famous for the Batik paintings, crafts but also the ancient Unesco sculptures in their town. 

We came to the famous place to see the super old complicated sculpture.

Spot where I'm starring at?

Yes it's this !!
Looking at this I really wonder how did they ever carved these stones hallow and withe designs to it !
There is definitely no glue and matching in this art piece. Moreover, this has been here for over crazy years !

And around this place, we heard some music coming over on the top of the building and went to check it out.

They were practicing Opera !
And we sure had a free performance but it was so painful for the ears at we sat too close to her.. Yikes! The worst part is that they welcomed us with warm tea and we felt bad to move out instantly or sit somewhere else as they gave us their seats ! So we sat there painfully smiling for 10mins till the performance is over and walked out with relief !!!

I was also surprised that people here would make fossil as a lovely piece of art which wooden carving frames on the sides . That's not common for sure.

And we headed next to the market and spot a shop making comforters.

And some steam noodles in the making

And the old market sure had a nice view of the mixture of modern in it.

What scares me most in China's market around here is that we get to see Dog meat. 
Well, I wont know how to differentiate them but at least they didn't kill the dog on the spot.
But around this market there are restaurants serving dog meat noodles.

And i asked me friend why do people eat dog meat?
She says that not all eat dog meat but those whom eat them believes eating dog meat gives them a better blood circulation and keeps them warm. It is best ate with soup and on a cold day.

And She brought us to try out this slighty alchoholic rice dessert with rice balls(mochi) in it.
And I see kids drinking that too !
So i asked, so parents here dont mind kids indulging a bit of alchohol?
Well, she said it's a delicacy and a traditional drink and it's low in alchohol so no one really think about it being harmful for health either.

Well, I sure didn't taste alchohol in it as it was just sweet and delicious.

And next was the try the famous Si WA Wa Wrap.
I tried this in GuiYang before and knew I hated it !
And so this shop had so much variety that i get to choose what i dislike in taste and would not want to taste at all.
And all i took was the bean sprouts and nuts.
I realized what gives the gooey ,slimy taste in this was the seaweed. 
Other than that, it's Ok.. I wouldn't go crazy for this dish anyways.

And that's all about this Town ! 
And if you are curious about the another OLDER Town closeby, 
Check out next as my friend randomly brought us to attend 



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