Atuh Beach, Nusa Penida's deadly paradise

OF all the famous known places on Penida, we chose to check out this place as it was to our convenience and we sure did not regret despite it being one of the HARDEST JOURNEY in this Penida Bike Adventure.

We had no idea or picture how this place would look like and just gave it a try.
What we didnt know was that , 30mins of the road to here is basically bad gravels and through small roads in the villages.
It's very easy to get lost without asking the locals.
Either way, just keep going towards the sea.
And there is one steep pathway down made of cement which is extremely slippery.

It's our DAY 2 on Penida 

And the view was Breathtaking !!
We arrived in the morning, had NO PROPER MEAL At All And parked underneath the tree with this view.
And walked throught this narrow cliffway to another cliff on the opposite.

From there, we get the view of this
And further front is this.

And another side is this BEACH !

We looked at each other and said, Let's GO SWIM!!!!

And not far from hiking downwards, there is a cement stairways straight down.
Not dangerous but very steep and everystep i take downwards I thought to myself.. OH My, Im gonna be exercising a lot going uphill later !

But Even so, It's so WORTH Coming down here !!!
I had never seen rocks like that!! 
And we couldn't help but to take some photos~ 
Oh of course , I didn't wear this hiking down of course !
This place again was empty, no one at all~ 

It then looked like it rained in the inner side of the village and we had some chips and snacks to hold our hunger as we were super reluctant to drench wet in the rain !
After chilling n waiting awhile, we couldn't stop ourselves and went back up to leave.

Look how grey it became, but still this cliff was still pretty.

THE Slippery FALL
On our way back on the gravel roads towards the nearest  village,
we had to pass through the steep cement slope and I got off at the bottom, 
And the Fiance rode it up by himself while I walked up.
Halfway, seeing him from behind, I saw his bike slipped and he fell into the torn bushes !!!
Shocked, I ran up to him, checked if his alright and took out the torns pierced into his body. 
Thankfully it pierced all the Fats and looked like the exhaust pipe was on the other side and
Not on Him !
Thank GOD !
and We pull the motorbike up again and he tried to fire up the engine but it didnt work at all ! 
Yet, it was too slippery and it was impossible to push the bike up the steep slope without the engine running.
PLUS, our Petrol was LOWWWWWWWWW

We decided to let the bike go back down the slope and try again.
We were just so close to reaching top of the slope ~!!! Urghhh...
Praying hard for God's help & strength, he slowly released the break and both brought the bike down and then I heard the sound of bike engines.
Instantly, I ran up the slope and saw some men on their bikes,
I went to them and said TOLONG(meaning HELP)
and explained what happened.
They came down, looked at our bikes and Laughed.
:" How did u guys able to come here with such a small bike ?!!"
And next thing he look at our petrol tank and said,dont worry it will be enough.
And he rode our bike up with some sort of zig zag motion !
I then thought to myself, "AHH! that's the trick to go through steep slopes if the bike has not much Power." 
 We thanked him and of course God for sending someone to help us in such time of need ! 

We reached the village area but it started to pour !!
Ahhhh WHYYYYYYY ~~~~??!!

And so we stopped in a hut and the old lady there only had instant noodles and some kid's snack and water.
We bought some water and ate the instant noodles and chatted with the locals here for sometime. 
Apparently, that cement pathway is the Only way to the beach and the farmers whom stay down there. He also told us that he don't see much tourist come over here as the road here is very bad and was surprised to see us here.

There, another local old man was making his own cigarette sticks. And another village dad was carrying his kid in his arms feeding him the instant noodles.

When the rain stopped we went to filled our tanks and continue our Journey next we first went Dream beach.
When we arrived the entrance of Dream beach,
we were like OH NOOOOOO !!!
Another HIKE DOWN???!!
It was dawn already and we just went half way, took some pictures and hike back up as the hiking trails there were to muddy and slippery after the rain.
Well, I would not risk my life especially when it's getting dark.
And the cliff view beneath was scary enough. 
We then headed next to  Tanglad,
Here's the village nearby where the kids helped us the way to go Tanglad.
Many Cute Green Hills around there. No sea at all~~ Just green hills.
But sure a nice ride along the way with the view of the greenness around with serenity.

Going back in the dark again, at times we ask the locals where is it to the town Sampalan/ Toya Pakeh which is nearer town that we will pass through to go back.
Guess what they reply ;

We were like WTFFFF ???
And that's how the locals travel around in the dark.
We terribly needed a compass here for sure.
But what helped us was the NorthStar.
The sky was clear and we could see stars above beautifully shinny on us.

Ahh those moments were so precious.

Thanks for reading my ramblings :p


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