Bamboo rafting on YuLong River 玉龙河竹筏

Guilin is a definitely known touristic spot in China for their crazy amount of Limestone hills and lovely scenery. Well, unfortunately, we came on the China's National holiday which is super pack of locals and non local tourists !

In Yangshou we did some research and asked around for tours and each of them would ask for 300rmb per person for the tour to YuLong river including a bamboo rafting experience.

And we thought that was pricey especially for China !
And so, lucky us as being the Volunteer to teach English in ZhuoYueEnglish College,
it turn out Saturday they organized a trip to YuLong area for Rock climbing.

And we went on a cycling trip together renting bikes for only 25rmb per person Per day !

We cycled about an hour to this place from the city and finish rock climbing in 2 hours and had extra time!

And right after Rock climbing, we cycled nearby and saw the Bamboo rafting area~ 

We negotiated with a local and she charge us only 150rmb for 2 person back and forth through the tiny waterfall and we thought it was ok.

We were lucky with the weather for sure.

It was sure a fun ride especially when they had an elevated lift to lift the bamboo rafts and then go over the waterfall,
We went only through 1 waterfall though as......

Unfortunately, despite my fluent Mandarin, this lady cheated us as she didn't kept her promise to row us the full journey through more waterfalls. We had our first quarrel with this lady as she wasn't honest and wanted to let us go off half the journey as she had new customers coming in.
We were very upset but oh well, it's impossible to win fights with the Chinese in China as they are so fierce even they know they were dishonest.

Well, all we can blame is just the touristy period we came.
It might be different during a non holiday season ~

And so then, we decided to cycle further somewhere we don't even know where and bumped into some other tourists whom told us that we can cycle to the Dragon bridge not far from here.
And So We did !!!!!!
And It took us 2and a half hours to cycle there as the cycling roads was bad, just gravels and no signs at all. We had to stop and ask locals for the direction.
It was sure a lonely peaceful journey there as we didn't see much tourists around !
Worst of all, within those 2 hours there weren't any shops or stalls selling water or snacks !
We were super thirsty and hungry !
But we sure made it here and got some rest at this place.

You know what's surprising to us that we actually enjoyed most on the way having our own peaceful time cycling in the nature instead of reaching the touristic destinations.

It's the journey together that I cherished most with him.

And of course it was painful to cycle all the way back to Yangshou for about 3hours !!! 
My ass sure Hurt a lot the next day !
And so, the next day, we hired a Motorbike to Liping where the view of it is ont the 20RMB note
To be ~ <3 font="">



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