Gorgeous night view of SanJiang

After the ride from Longsheng to Congjiang and then to Sanjiang~
We arrived in the evening and it became night once we got out of our Hotel.

How did we found the Hotel?
We just asked around any nice view hotel and many pointed out this direction for hotels and we found the nearest one as the next morning we had to take an early bus.

PS: Hotels/ small shop motels in China would cost only RMB100-300 with a nice view
And price can be bargained if it's not holiday or busy weekend.
Here's our Hotel view.
It's close by to the river.
The Hotel owner had 2 cute sons looking like Shaolin kungfu kids and I had so much fun playing with them while waiting to check in !

Then, we walked around the main square which was just 1 block around the corner and found some nice lighted buildings!
And then ended up in this square where we saw many ppl gather here to practice dancing !!
 It's a huge square and kids were playing their toy cars and roller skating in this area.

About 40min walk away was this beautiful bridge.
Sanjiang in very well known of their bridge pagoda architecture.
We were thinking of going to their another UNESCO site of known the the WindRain bridge which is located some distance away but known for it's historical value.
Nevertheless, seeing this modern one was good enough for us.

We walked along this bridge and heard the school bell ringing.
It was 9pm at night and there we saw Kid's walking on our opposite direction towards us,
They just finished school ???

 Well, it must be tough studying in China and I thought my Chinese school days back then was tough enough !!

And from the bridge , he's the view of the Pagoda at the main Square. It's quite a far walk for sure.

Anyways, it was sure worth it and a really nice walk along the river on the way.

There are some costume trying for those who like it but i doubt the lighting is good enough.

Night was good and next day.............
The Beautiful foggy morning in Sanjiang..

We had to wake up early to catch the Brutal long distance bus to Kaili, 


Then lastly to LeiShan~~~



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