Bride2be Photoshoot


It has always been a dream of wearing a lovely wedding gown one day. There were some photographers that asked me to collaborate for a bridal gown photoshoot before but I had always rejected as my dream was to only be in a gown after being a proposed by the man whom i love. 

And if you wonder where these photos were taken, 
It's just at our house.

Makeup & hair is done by KarenChen MUA 
And photography by Waiwah photography.

He was the one that took the previous photoshoots as well.

This Bride theme was Korean style inspired.

I made this headpiece myself with some hotglue gun and metal wire onto this design piece.

We also had some of our outdoor photoshoot taken during our recent April 
travel in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, feel free to check out my Chinese Wedding gown from China.

And the wedding will be next year, we'll try to get em done in
  Norway and in Malaysia as well.

Will upload more photos soon ~


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