Brutal long distance bus rides in China

Right After Longsheng
We decided to take bus rides all the way from here to Leishan which is close to XiJiang village.
However, the problem with the public transport is that it wasn't easy as we thought.

See, my happy face after leaving Longsheng looking forward to a peaceful ride.

All we knew from Google maps and some China's baidu search results were that, in order to go XiJiang from Longsheng, We must take the Bus to Congjiang--- SanJiang--- LeiShan.

Well, sounds easy huh ?!

And so..... the went to Longsheng Bus terminal, bought the tickets to Congjiang and sat on their non airconditioned bus, driving through dirt bumpy roads and village ladies with big baskets of crops or things they buy from the market. Well, No toilet stop on the way though cause it was about 3 hours drive. There were some traffic in some villages as we passed through the markets and got to witness some crazy loud yelling for promotion.

We reached Congjiang around noon and it was just a small town and had our lunch before heading for our next bus to Sanjiang.

It's evening when we arrive Sanjiang and Night once we came out of our Hotel. 

Sanjiang sure surprised us with their gorgeous night view and Here to read more about SanJiang.

We had a sweet dream that night and woke up super early to catch our bus to Kaili.
KAILI?? Isn't that Not LeiShan??

And so, after lots of questioning with the China chinese people, we realized that there is No Way from SanJiang to XiJiang at all. We would have to rent a Taxi or Van to travel all the way there.

Which is way much Stupid that the proper map should be cause Kaili is out of the way !

Yeah so, we woke up early ,bought take away hot noodles and dumplings to eat on the bus.

The Bus ticket price to Kaili was surprisingly much more expensive than usual bus tickets in China and that was because they would drive along the highway.

And the ride from Sanjiang to Kaili was about 8-10 hours.
Nevertheless, the view was amazing !!!!!

Painfully Slow buses on Highways.
The weather was just nice and the bus driver drove painfully slow on a highway but safe.
It's a higher class bus too with aircond.
However, thinking about how beautiful their roads are and EMPTY it is, 
THE BUS never exceeds 80km/h !!!
We asked the bus driver why is it so?
He said :" There are a lot of accidents in China and it's better to be safe than sorry.
And they also place cameras in the highways and speed trackers. Our company is reputable and tarnishing the reputation would be bad for my company and my job too."

Toilets on CHINA's Highways

The rest stops on the highways were surprisingly nice! Probably it's new and it's on the bill on our pricey bus ticket.
Later in our travels we realized how nice that toilet was compared to the rest for sure and we also realized that taking BUS is a HIGHER CLASS of travel compared to TRAINS !!
And after our First time on an economy train in China, we understood why~~~~

This totally reminds us of a friend whom took a longer bus ride from XinJiang, (near Mongolia) down to Chengdu.
He told us the toilet they stopped was just was the road side drain. Men and women would get off the bus go to their own side and do their business in public. What's special is that some are able to squat their business, read newspaper and smoke at the same time !!

Well, lucky us we didn't see such painful sight but then we saw quite a similar case in Indonesia as well.

And there when we arrived the unique city in the valley. Look very much polluted huh?
That's because being in the valley, the green house effect is worst.

Another thing was that we realized the bus will go through a check point before leaving the station to check the Bus condition and  posters to remind them speeding can cause bad accidents and horrible pictures of accident victims in them. And arriving Kaili, there is also another checkpoint. It's unlike toll, no money given, just a couple of mins checked by the authorities , signage and then go...

The encounter with Fierce China Chinese Lady
And upon arriving there, we asked the lady beside us. 
She had an iphone, wore fashionably but talk like a loud grandmother on the phone.
When we asked her, do you think there is a bus that leaves to LeiShan when we get Kaili.
Her response was :
" WTF ARE YOU CRAZY??! It's 5.30PM NOW! The BUS station would be CLOSE !! Where will there be BUS then?? Anyways, Why do you ask me, I barely take the Bus anyways, I usually drive."

We were so shocked by her rude response. And felt a bit emotional with it but replied thank you.
It was devastating for us as our friends in LeiShan were waiting for us.
and we wont get there in time..... :(

But then, after we got off, one kind dude quietly came to us say : Yea , there is a Bus around this time. Don't care about that Stupid lady, she don't know anything. I take the bus there very often. That fierce lady saw him talking to us, stared at us and Left....

Phew ~~ No wonder some people do get emotional in China.

We ran out of the exit gate, ran back in the entrance gate
Bought the last ticket Bus to LeiShan ! Wohooo !!!!

That night, we arrived Leishan and it was the MoonEclipse !!! 
At first I thought it was a huge balloon in the night, But then I look again, it's the Moon!
I would never forget how beautiful that night was and the city of Leishan

And Next was our adventure on a Police SUV in XiJiang !

Ps: And do check out the Links of XiJiang which is the famous site nearby LeiShan and it has guides on what to do , see and eat in XiJiang!

Thanks for reading, and may the World inspire you.


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