China's Chinese Pre-Wedding Ceremony in AnShun,Guizhou

Being a Chinese Malaysian, we have seen chinese wedding ceremonies in Malaysia and sometimes I do wonder if it's the SAME in China !

Well, it's my first time to China and I was so honored to Crash into someone's wedding ! 
The fact is, we don't even know the bride or groom ~

Well, lucky us, our friend is the cousin of the Groom and far relative of the Bride!
WTF? Isn't that some blood related marriage??
Oh well, whatever, Love is all that matters.

DAY 2- Wedding Gift Exchange DAY !
* sounds like Christmas huh ?!

 So we first arrived the Groom's place and in front of the apartment they got BIG RED trays line outside of the pick up truck.

And around the corridor is their buffet noodle breakfast which has a variety of delicious side dishes and are SPICY ! Just suit our taste ~
And outside is a tent full of Electronic mahjong table with a bowl of unlimited cigarette sticks and sweets !!

In the Groom's house, they placed the prayer stick on a sliced YAM !
I still dont know why is that so.... oh and of course the wedding candles.

Then after we went out, the trays were filled with RAW PORK Meat, noodles, read dyes eggs, oranges, apples and 2 trays of clothes and some jeweleries.
And when its all ready they placed on the pickup truck and headed to the Bride's Home !

Here at the Bride's home. the Groom's family and Friends would carry the gifts ..... WHERE?

I Helped carry too~ it was just a short journey to their entrance of apartment.

And on stools whereby the families and friends of the Bride would EXAMINE and then only approved if the Gifts are GOOD enough or not !!?? 

It took then sometime and they were sure trying to get some rd packet money out of them but i guess it's just the culture for fun sake and at last they approved, Christian helped carry up to the apartment !
Lol again he became the Star of the day...

It sure wasnt easy carrying up the narrow stairs
And then next they carry down the Gifts the Bride would give the Groom.

And Guess where is the Bride in this pic ??

Not the flowery aunty top, its the PINK and red dress lady on the right !
PS: The bride won't wear the gown on this day.

The gift meaning for the Bride is just random and Whatever she wana give but basically the typically chinese way of meaning is that she would provide the husband to be a comfort and loving life.
And thanks to our friends in Anshun for this opportunity !!
We sure skipped the real wedding day as we would have to wake up 4am in the morning to check out their fun game ceremony for the Groom to bring his Bride in the gown to his home.

What a festive week of marriage procedures in China !
They sure do love such events where they get so busy up not for one day but many days !!
I guess the China's wedding culture would be more elaborate and still following more of the traditional rituals from the olden days.

That's all about my experience !!

Thanks for Reading !


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