Dali, the touristy Old Town

Right after Anshun, we came next to Kunming, had our breakfast then catch-up the train next to Dali.

The scenery sure changed drastically !! Suddenly it's blue sky

Upon arrival at the train station , you would need to take a bus that would bring you to this old town here.
It's not located in the city but somewhere nearer to the lake yet Not by the lake.

And as we arrived at the bus station , we found our hotel which looks like a traditional home.

Right out to the main road there is a shop selling Pulled beef noodles which is made by the Islamic people from the north. We decided to have that for our tea time as we only had a heavy breakfast.

And to our surprise , this was THE BEST noodles we ever tasted !!!
The noodles tasted like cheese that melts in the mouth !!
After this meal we walked to the tourist street about 5 mins away to check out.
Well, it was sure touristy with rows of drain canal, and if you are not careful you might fall into it!
 Mainly on these streets are souvenier shop & tour packages.
What i like about this old town that eventhough it's touristy but it does looks kinda old-ish.
Doesnt seem like they rebuilt this town but more of refurbishing parts of it.
And there are gates and towers at some parts which allows us to walk up the stairs to see the view around.
Well, at least compared to the noisy vehicles and sky scrappers in a modern city, it's still nice place to hang out for a day or 2 minus the sounds to noisy tourists.

This town has quite a systematic road with signs so it's not easy to lost your way. And the roads are pretty wide and less crowded than Lijiang for sure.

These are one of the tower gates that I like to walk up to see the view of this old town.

And on outside the northern gate , they decorate it with some flowers!

And once you walk out of the gate, there are some restaurant streets around whereby you go in pick your fresh dishes and tell them HOW to cook it !!
We weren't good at telling them how to cook so our dinner, we found another shop serving beef soup pulled noodles but they were not as good as the ones we had before.

and this town t night is lighted up gorgeously.. 
What to try here, probably the BBQ Yak cheese
or their Yunan BBQ ! Yumzzz !!!

PS: There are public transportation from that tourist information center, located out of the north gate  to certain touristic places yet it's quite limited.
It's best to get a tour to go in some places as they might have discounts or you probably can negotiate the price.

Among the places to visit in Dali are the 3 pagodas, some other temple on the hill

and the lake.

And NEXT---> Of course

Thanks for reading & may the world inspire you.


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