Gorgeous view at PuraCar Temple, Nusa Penida

Here's one of my favorite Cliff views on Nusa Penida. The road to here is easy and not too bad nor complicated. 

Right After Banah Beach just not far away, if it's not night yet, just go to PuraCar temple.
The Car doesnt pronouce like english Car but more like CHAR.. 
If you ever lost your way there,  just ask the locals around. They are very helpful. But make sure to ask the younger teenagers not those old farmers. They dont even speak Bahasa Indonesia and surely they wont know English.
Btw, how do i remember the name of this place so well, it's because its name Pura(meaning Temple) and Car meaning CAR( like a vehicle) and it's the only gorgeous view place on the cliff whereby you can drive here with a car.

Of course that would be great to come here in groups of a car/ van. 
Other than that, I would recommend exploring this island by a motorbike.
And instead of viewing the temple. We'd rather sit here and enjoy this dinousaurous look like cliff!
It totally reminds me of avatar or somewhere in the fantasy world.
And not to say I love to climb like a monkey, but I found a nice spot up in the tree to get a great view of this place.

And not on the Bike cause I might accidentally roll it down ~ @_@

And there, we watched the sunset and rode back in total darkness.

PITCH BLACK in this Village area... 
We had to be extremely careful with the bad roads.

Dont missed out on what we did on
The Next Day.... 



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