How to make Okonomiyaki Waffle

It's been about 3 years now I have been making Okonomiyaki and I still remember the first time learning to make it from our friend in Hokkaido.

So, I was making Okonomiyaki and Gyoza for dinner and waffle cake ice cream for dessert.

And so, I was frying the gyoza on the pan and got lazy to get a new pan to use it for the Okonomiyaki and saw my waffle iron on the table which was prepared for the dessert later.
Then i thought to myself, why not try the waffle iron instead and see if it works out?

And so , this is how this method of making Okonomiyaki started.
I find it so MUCH easier cause I always have hard time flipping over my Okonomiyaki on the pan and sometimes get it too burnt as I couldn't estimate the heat for it.

Ingrediants :
Portion- 3-4 okonomiyakis

Normal multipurpose wheat Flour 
1 or 2 Eggs
Some water
Corn flour/starch ( Optional)
Long thin sliced of Chinese /normal cabbage

Light/normal Mayonaise
Okonomiyaki sauce/ chuno sauce/ 

(worcestershire sauce + ketchup)
Thin sliced meat /sausage 

Bonito Flakes
( I got em from Daiso & Japan itself )
But I found out that in Oslo you can get frm Lilleasia info. for 19.90Kr

And you need a Waffle Iron

The Steps of Making Okonomiyaki Waffle

1) Slice Cabbage to thin slices,
2) Find a bowl, put in 2cups of flour,a pinch of corn flour/starch 1 egg and some water
3)Beat them together, add more water to the mixture till it looks like dripping.
4) After beating them smooth, just place in the sliced cabbage and mix well.

5) Now, heat the waffle iron and spray a lil oil

6) Place your meat /sausage and close the waffle iron to cook them in it first

7) When meat is cooked, just pour the batter in 3/4 full and close it wait for it to cook.

8) The waffle iron will beep when it's ready cooked.

9) Pierce the waffle with toothpick to check if the batter inside is full cooked.

10) If you want it more crispy, you can cook it more to make the okonomiyaki  crispy.

11) Take the waffle okonomiyaki out, dizzle top with bonito flakes and pour mayonaise and okonomiyaki sauce on it.

You are done and ready to eat !!

Ps : This is my first time guiding and writing about a recipe ~
 Im sorry of not being able to describe the recipe precisely.

For those who already know how to make their okonomiyaki batter ,
 just make your own way and pour on the waffle iron, 
it's the same !~ 

And that's how I solved my problem with my burnt Okonomyakis ~

All the Best !!


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