Manta Bay & Crystal Bay Beach ,Bali

Everyday on Nusa Penida is just full of excitement as we go to bed early exhausted and then wake up early again next day wondering where to go NEXT !!?
Being here 4 days here already, we had explored almost most of the known cliffs and views around here, except for the famous known crystal bay that everyone was talking about !

And so, we decided to go check out some places we missed out first and then later in the evening only check out crystal bay as it's much closer to town.

We first went to Gunung Cemang/Cemeng where one of the locals told us that there is a nice view there with some waterfalls, The road there was surely sign-less but there were parts of newly wide tar roads on the way there ~! We get excited to be on nice roads cause majority of their roads are just bumpy, full of potholes or tar-less.

And Here is to Read about how beautiful that area was as it has a super narrow cliff bridge all the way up to the far end temple for an amazing view.

And after that next, we went nearby there to Manta bay, and tried our luck if we can spot any MANTA's from above ~
Ahh.... oh well, not as easy as we thought for sure.
The rocks there were quite unique.

And we had the locals kids following us as if we were some celebrity.
We sat down to picnic and they were just hiding in the bush looking at us, then we walked off the path somewhere else and they followed us. So I went to them and chat a bit.
These kids finished their school at 1pm already and they live in the village far inside. It would take them probably 3 hours to walk here !!

And what do they do here?
They play "catching catching" games with their friends, catch crickets or some other weird insects/ animals around. Well, sounds like a fun childhood life to me to be in the nature !
And on our way there, we saw another praying ceremony going on.

Lastly, we arrived crystal Bay at last !!! We were both starving then and thankfully, they had restaurants there serving fried rice /noodles.
We ordered the fried rice and drank some beers looking out to the beach
This is the view of the rock from where we eat. And there is a temple on top of that rock !

Then, we walked around, roaming a bit & swim !
Some local kids would like to take pic with the fiance ~

And we spotted a hiking trail up and hiked up 

to get a view from above.

Swimming in Crystal bay was definitely the BEST Ever beach around here so far.
And the current is not as strong as the other beaches we were at in the afternoon.
Most of all, it's way more sandy and less rocky making so it's safe for a dip or a swim.

Too bad we came quite late and the sun was setting on the other side so we couldnt snorkel much and see the sea life. But anyhow we were still contented as we can last last said, We had been onto Nusa's Penida's Crystal Bay BEACH !!

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