Pasih Uug or Broken Beach in Nuda Penida, Bali


Right after the tough hiking trail UP back through the dangerous stairways from Peguyangan Waterfall, 

We headed next to Broken beach/ Pasih Ugg.
We've seen pictures of it and thought of this to be super unique and cool !!!!

This is how Pasih Ugg/Broken Beach looks like  and there are some tiny Signs to go there but I believe if you see the Locals, just ask them. It's so complicated to find these spots around if you don't ask locals. If they don't understand just show them the picture.
And at times, you might not be lucky to find locals to ask around cause there are no locals, just shout out if you see a house or a farm if anyone is around.

I couldnt believe my eyes when we arrived here.
And of course, Only motorbikes can drive here. 

Eventhough it's name broke beach, but it's not causing any broken hearts :P

And GUESS WHAT ! I challenged him to Go on the other side there with his motorbike eventhough the road was sooo bad and HE DID IT, Beside the COW !
The Cow sure looked like it was surprised ~

And then dawn came and we hurriedly ride back home.
Do you know why?
Cause these villages have NO LIGHTS and once it's night,
It's PITCH DARK and freaking dangerous!

And of course we woke up early next day to explore another place
were the last places in our minds and then we are contented
and can go back to Mainland Bali for other adventure.

Thanks for Reading!


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