Peguyangan Waterfall by the Sea, Bali

If there is one thing dangerous that I would do, I would do it after ensuring it's low risk and safeish.

Peguyangan waterfall is one dangerous hiking trail downward I'd ever tried so far.

However, comparing to the other hiking trails such as the ones to Seganing Waterfall. 
I think this is not so bad itself.

So if you have a heart attack or afraid of heights thingy, 
just take note that this can seem a bit scary, but it's safe.

This is the view from above, the start.
The Journey, is to go straight DOWN.....
Previously I've seen pictures of this place and saw rotten-ish woonden stairs but to my surprise, the top of the stairs were steel/ metal. So, it's quite strong and new.

The Gaps between the stairs are quite wife and some older stairs seems to look like one side might break after sometime as it's corroded from the sea water.

And as you are reaching down, it's wooden stairs instead.
Those are a bit more scary as it feel less strong than the metal and looking straight down you get to see the SEA and the HUGE WAVES Crashing onto the rocks.
When we came up, we saw the older locals from Bali Mainland coming down slowly squatting from stairs to stairs. Well, my heart was sure beating fast in fear when I was going down but going up wasn't that scary afterall cause I Didnt Look back or DOWN.

And It's super worth after getting down here !!
We came in the Morning so no one was there :D We were alone~
It might not look so pretty from here with the man made cement pool but the view is sure amazing and it's not just that all.

They got a tiny Zen-ish waterfall with their prayer statues around.

And some of the parts u get to see a bigger waterfall with plants on the sides leading sown to the sea crashing waves.
It's a great place to get solitary and relax as there is not as many tourist as it gets here compared to Bali mainland nor Nusa Lembongan.

And you also get to view the HUGE Waves crashing, but not onto us~ 
It's quite scary at times though.

And we got sometime to take a lil of our wedding photos, Here's just a lil preview.

It's quite an effort changing in pubic and carrying the gown down there 
and making my gown all dirty .. 

We met some other tourist that came as well but just one or 2 and we left not long after about 5 hours chilling there to our next destination.- Broken Beach, Pasih Uug
On our way, we even spot these weird huge holes in the Mt. 
Hmmm i wonder if it's man made or nature...

Check out the Next post Here
 about Pasih Ugg, Broken beach as it looks like a hollow crater on the sea !

Thanks for reading and may the World Inspire you ! 


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