Review of Nusa Garden Bungalows, Nusa Penida

Arriving in Toya Pakeh at first, we decided to take the motorbike taxi costing 30,000Rp per person to Sampalan where the main town is at and where the ferry departs.

And after searching for several hotels around which was full booked,
the drivers brought us to here, Nusa Garden Bungalows.

Due to the stupid ATM System on Nusa Lembongan which doesnt accept VISA, But only Master card, we had some problem not being able to withdraw from the Atms at Lembongan so we tried to come Penida to give it a go.
Unfortunately, Penida is Way much rural than Lembongan or Ceningan.

We walked in this hotel, and was amazed with the Balinese design.
And their lovely Garden
which might not be well maintained probably due to the bad weather and electricity issue.
And we sure loved it !
It felt so calm in here despite it being so close to the noisy market out in the main streets.

And then what surprised us the most was that to see the person came greeting us were Caucasians !
And it's a family !!!

We had been in Bali for a week plus then and had only met Indonesian working in the hotels.

And they were sure a lovely family whom helped us a lot in our stay and were extremely nice.
Apparently they take care of this place for an indonesian owner and get to stay here sometime and experience the culture here. Awww~ such a nice life !!
And definitely the right place to be at.
Here's the main reception and also where the family stays at.

Look at the details of the wooden carvings on this building..

WOW!! It sure feels like a palace to me !

The dining or public area where wifi signal is the strongest~
And some interesting paintings on the wall.

I still dont understand why are there stairs to go down. It's probably previously a swimming pool??

And here's the BEST ROOM !!!! It has a glass window towards the shower , which is quite modern with a traditional look. And their outdoor shower looks amazing !

 And here's the other normal bed rooms which they have couple bed or 2 single beds in 1 room.

Bottom line, from what we had known of is that we can't expect a high class hotel in Nusa Penida as it isnt as developed as Lembongan. There is not much hotel/Guest house competition around here as it's very limited and we came at the peak praying season.

Thus, this place does not have aircond but fan, which is enough during the cold night.
There might be moquitoes but you can ask them to give you Insect repellent coil and etc such as additional towel.
It's a simple basic place with a nice comfortable bed with hot shower and Wifi for a Very Good price!!

We sure had a great 5 days staying in this place and they sure helped us with the ATM issue and we solved our problems !! 
We rented motorbike from them only 70,000RP per day and breakfast coffee & tea were provided every morning ~! How Sweet~~~ 

Now, our first thought when we arrive there was just check out this place for about 2-3days but on our first day adventure, we woke up 7, ate breakfast and left at 8ish and went out whole day with the Motorbike but then realized we only visited 3 spots and there were like 4-8 nice spots to go too.

Probably of our bad planning ~ 
And so, day by day we had to tell em, 
Sorry I think we'll rent the Bike one of day and Stay one more day.
Then the Next day we did it again ~ 
And lastly, We got to see what we wanted to see and HAD A SUPERB time on Penida.

If you wana book this place ahead or read more of the reviews , just find them

Click here to see our Adventurous journey , Lots of lovely pictures on Nusa Penida.



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