The holy cave temple with a tiny entrance-Goa Giri Putri,Bali

The first day on our arrival on Nusa Garden Bungalows, I made friends with the hotel keeper's daughter whom told me that WE MUST Go the the GOA Giri Putri Cave and she explained how much this cave would SURPRISE YOU !

So on our 3rd day on Nusa Penida, we decided to drive the other direction, away from toya pakeh which is the direction towards this cave. The road along this way was really nice with the sea breeze blowing on our face and the view of farmers drying the seaweed on the roadsides.
We didnt have to ask for directions as it was quite obvious on the main road except that the word fonts are quite tiny and that it's not a CAVE by the roadside.

So, you will see a cement entrance sign and then some stairways up to the hill.
And we were prepared with our Sarongs, knowing that it's a respect to wear Sarongs to temples.

When we got up there, we had to pay a fee and apparently, they provided sarongs as well.

But then, I still could NOT figure out where the entrance of the CAVE was as I see No HOLE!

And then after paying, he brought us to the altar, sprinkle some water an point to us the tiny hole next to it.

Ahhh, so that's why the Hole wasnt obvious at all !
And seriously, this hole only FITS 1 person at a time.

And then U'll get into a bigger cave hole which only fits 4 squatting people and then squatting out slowly into another cave hole where it starts to fit standing humans.
And then walked out further into a bigger cave!
AND in this CAVE WAS HOT , Humid and WARM !!
What???!!!  I had never been to sucha humid and warm cave at all, and there is not much people around here !??

We kinda guess it's a volcanic cave since it's so warm... they had to have some fans around ~
And this local guy/ monk was guiding us around.

We walked further in and there was a praying ritual going on.

And after that they carried their offerings up there.

And we walked further to the end and saw this place which looks more like the chinese buddhism praying method.

And the view on the other end was so green and cooling~ ahh fresh colder air at last !

Can u imagine that the outside tropical temperature is much colder than inside!??

We went back out and felt sooo relieved !

It was sure one of the most interesting cave temple we had ever been and sure worth paying for.
And then we headed next to our journey where it became so rural that we could not even find any restaurants around that area.

We realized Nusa Penida was not easy to find restaurants at all and our lesson was so store lots of picnic foods with us in our motorbike storage. Most of the times we only ate breakfast and a DINNER once we arrive in the main town.
So if you are up for adventure and a waterholic like us, better pack ur food & drinks to survive the whole day on a motorbike trip on this Island.

Thanks for reading !


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