Temeling Waterfall & Banah Beach/BatuMadeg

This is the FIRST PLACE we came after Puncak Mundi  on our second day on Nusa Penida.
The road to here was pretty easy with much signs.
On our way we stop by a restaurant by the roadside after the BatuMadeg roundabout and ate a nice meal.
(Days after we realized it was SOOO HARD TO FIND A RESTAURANT in small villages around here!!)

We first rode the motorbike down the forest roads and then stopped where we saw other bikes were parked and started hiking down for about 20-30mins.

Paid the locals for entrance and went down a bit and there , 
we can see the sea by the forest and the blue skies.
We came to a pool with stairs and statues and went up

It was written notes stating this is a holy water pool. Women with menstruation are not allowed to GO IN... WTF ?

Anyhow, this spring water is so clear and full of white chalks powder from the caves i suppose.

And there beside it is the MEN Pool.
We see boys / teenagers playing and fishing in this clear blue pool.
They would climb up these rocks and jump down.

Boom Splash !!!

 And eventhough I knew they had the women pool down there, I've decided to join the boys too !
But guess what, for the First 2-5 mins, they were all OUT of the Pool starring at me getting my picture taken by the fiance!

And later they joined in and starred as well. One teenage kid wasnt wearing a shorts, or swimming trunks but a WHITE transparent underwear, that was awkward when he chose to jump off in front of me !

The female pool was down by the beach and as shallow as a baby pool ! How to swim ???
Here's the view of it but you gotta stand up to see those views.

And just around the corner,
We saw a cave with a pathway through to another beach.
And what annoy us was that when we came down, the teens came down as well and followed us where we went but all they did was just hiding behind the rocks starring at us!

Here's a better view of the rock from the other side and there was sun!!

And we took some photos there with this beautiful tree in this hidden lagoon.

And as we went back, the boys went back together as well. 
It gets quite annoying when we can't get our privacy at all !
But oh well, they probably were curious anyhow.

We then headed further the road as one kid told us that the Banah beach is just 15min drive away ! So CLOSE !!!! And he showed us the way there ~!!
That kid was like 12 years old , tiny but riding a Big Off Road bike.. Instead we both fatties were on a scooter, WHAT?!

Anyways, this view was the first view that amazed us !!
We realized we Love these kinda BEACH view !!
It's something not as common as what we see on a flat sandy beaches in Thailand or Maldives.
And every cliffs or rocks were one of a kind.
Not far in front is a temple and from there we got a close view of Batu Cincin (Ring Rock) And another traiangular rock on the sea.
Well, obviously it looks like a Ring!
Maybe it's a nice place to propose if you are thinking of proposing ?!

And then later we went off and asked locals for directions to Gunung Cemeng/Cemang as it looks nearby from where we were. So this local drew us this map on the ground teaching us the Short cut there...
Unfortunately... WE LOST OUR WAY!
And then we got locasls telling us WHy not u go to PuraCar instead? 
And then we changed our minds and wentthere, the further one which took us 3 hours++ journey !!
We made it for twilight zone and it was getting so dark we had to ride through the tiny roads in pitch dark.

Apparently, these cliffs are nearby each other but Not Connected, 
So, we will need to go to the nearest village main road and take another roads there which would take about another 2-3 hours ride on the bike !
And from Banah Beach we could actually see where Gunuang Cemang is !

What a Village road huh??!
And Btw, if you try Google Nusa Penida, 
google wont even have the names of the other etc villages on Nusa Penida. 
It seems more like I know more names of the tiny unknown villages or places on this island than google!
GPS? definitely not gonna work with the bad internet line and signal here for sure.

So, be prepared to always ask the locals for directions all the time and try not to get lost in the small roads at night. It's pitch dark and scary. At least being in the main village roads are much less confusing and have a higher chance bumping into the locals or even you might get to see a COCK fight in one of their villages ! 

Well, that was our only day of getting lost on Nusa Penida and we learnt our lessons not to take short cuts.

Next day, we sure woke up earlier cause we wanted to see more!  And that day we sure didn't regret,
 as we had one of our Most unlucky day with minor injury, rain and hunger but the View was sooooo damn worth it !!!

PS: We totally recommend Temeling if you wouldn't mind being followed by the locals and have less privacy. If you are more keen for adventure and mind blowing views, we recommend, Atuh Beach , Pasih Ugg/Broken BeachPeguyangan falls by the Sea. 


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