Gateway out of Oslo,Cruise to Germany ~

It's my fourth Summer here in Oslo, Norway and every year we love to take cruise trips to Germany.
Honestly, most Norwegian would say it's "Harry" meaning "kampung" or some sort of a village people trip. 

Why ? because boost are so expensive in Norway that some people would go Germany for boost grocery.

However, to my honest opinion, I think this trip is much more luxurious or fine than those extravagant cruise rides in Malaysia. 
And I haven't seen crazy drunk people on the cruise. 

What we love most is the Cabin with the sea view.
Sometimes the weather can be bad out in the deck so it's nice to just chill indoor with privacy and the view of the sea or fjord.

The best view to me, was the sea view going out of Oslo.
Oslo fjord is just so beautiful and narrow at times.
You see, it might be cold and windy outdoors... I am just standing basically by the exit door :P
And Yet, people would still stand on the cold windy deck to see the view of Oslo !!

And what I love most is to see those fast boats driving by us and waving HI !!! 
Here's one of my favourite restaurant in the cruise with a nice view of the sea. 
The price is quite similar to the meals in  Norway.
It totally looks like a shopping mall inside with various shops to check out, most of them are tax free! I love shopping perfumes here cause it's cheaper than in Malaysia. 
Other than that, they have pubs alongside and some cheaper restaurants around. 
And below is the grand buffet centre.

And our room, with the sea veiw, balcony, tv, mini fridge, hair dryer, bathroom.

When the sun sets, it's time to go out and see the beautiful sky.

This year 2015, the cruise has an artist on board to draw a caricature of the guests in a limited time.

Here's my first time having my face drawn by an artist !

And I gotta do my asian pose ! :D

And next day ~ We woke up early.

and the weather is so good !!

Here where we chillin on the deck, the glass behind me is the indoor warm water park which costs about 140kr per entry. We did that once before and it was quite small but nice to chill if its a bad weather outdoor.

 We went off the Kiel to walk around, shopping for 4 hours then came back on board to enjoy the nice weather.

Every  night, they would have a performace lounge and it's always a very interesting musical and some acrobatic performance.

This time we saw the masquerade and super hereos theme.

Here's what we bought from Germany~
weird flavoured yoghurts and pudding ! 
And not to forgot their chocolates~

Do remember to have wind proof clothes, it can be super windy at times!
As for seasickness, so far when they get onto the open sea it gets a bit more choppy. 
But it's worse on the way to Germany as it starts around 7-11pm. That's the time I usually try not the drink at all. But on the way back from Germany, the sea rocks only in the midnight while I'm asleep.

And of course, I have been this trip every year, 
so I would definitely do this every year ~!

Muackzz ! XOXO

Thanks for reading and my trip trip inspire you to Cruise to ! 



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