How to get to Kawah Ijen on your own

Kawah Ijen is well known for their blue flame that can be seen at night. 
However, now, you can just go on your own without signing a tour package as the road there is easy and nice !

All we did was we stayed around Karangasem area, rented a scooter from the shops at the train stations for about 70000Rph and surprisingly the road signs to up there was pretty easy !

Moreoever, there are some nice spots to stop by  eg:Licin village on the way to stop over for breakfast or lunch. The meals in Jawa is way much cheaper than in Bali for sure !
But, always try to ask for fried or freshly cooked food as they are less hygenic. 

THE SCOOoooter Journey
It took us about 2-3 hours ride but we had an issue.....

Can you guess what kind of cc this scooter is?
And I picked this cause it looked SO CUTE !!!!
But, it was not  good choice as there are lots of steep uphills and this bike couldn't ride us both up in it!!!!
SO, I had to get off the bike, walk up hill several times alone !!!

It's like a 5min walk up a steep hill , such a waste of time ~

But, regardless how, we were still able to reach our destination.
And check out some bee farms on the way!
I got so scared holding this ~
I was so worried those bees would sting me and I'll get a swollen face ~>_<
The Honey were super sweet and cheap !!

Not long after this bee hive area, we arrived our destination, paid for the ticket and started hiking.
What caught our attention were those porters coming down with there sulfer rocks on their back and it made a squeky noice as they walk down hill.

There are a few unattended ones and I tried to picked them up as they look or seem super light on those villagers back.

My back was about to break and crack on my first attempt lifting these things!
They probably weight more than 50kg !!!!

So I rather just take photos with them in a nice way... 
Don't worry about how complicated the pathways would be, cause it's so easy, you would be stupid to get lost on your own.

At some points, you'll get to see a nice view of the Mt nearby.
And here's the top where the gas was blowing this direction towards where the porters are collecting the sulfers.

But cleared at this part for us to have a nice view of the crater turqoise blue crater and blue sky !

But not long after, the blue sky was gone ~~~~ T_T

We managed to take some pre wedding photos before the gas starts blowing in all direction blurring our vision~
And it starts to get super cold and windy.
We just had to wear our rainjacket and hike down before we inhaled too much of those poisonous sulfuric gas.

There are some nice view of paddy fileds on the way down

and also some cute candy house looking mosque ~ 
So trust me, get there on your own, stopby whenever you want and enjoy your time without a guide or tour thing that restricts your freedom to enjoy the small sights around this area.

I'd definitely be back here again to check out the blue flame !!

Thanks for reading and have may the world inspire you !



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