How's it like to attend a Norwegian wedding ceremony

It's my first time attending a Norwegian wedding ceremony and the bride is our friend.
So, I'm her makeup & hair stylist of the day and I was super excited.
I did a light make up for her as she is has good skin and prefers to have less thick makeup.

As for the hair, she got fresh flower crown and I did curls and bun behind.

And after that, we drove about an hour ride from Arendal to Just island and walk down by the beach.
The view of the location was stunning as well as the perfect weather.
Everyone was so excited !

The theme of the wedding is green and more of hippie kinda thing as both the bride and groom are jolly fun people to be with.

And she came at last and the guy in the voilin played the wedding music as the strong wind blows and we all stood up. It was so beautiful that is gives us all goose bumps.

This view was just like a fairytale view. 

And the groom looked so touched to see his beautiful bride walking towards him.

And after the vows in Norwegian... ( which i barely understand ) It was picture time and they were all having some fun time with the cute wedding car.

Then next we went to the groom's relative house for the cocktail party and dinner.

Here's the cocktail table and on the sides were lots of sweets and goodies and pictures of their cuteself on the tree behind.

And at the corner, the chef was grilling a wild boar he caught in Sweden.
The bride was so hungry she couldn't wait ~ LOL

And some of the guests dogs were running around here in the garden I couldn't resist to tickle it !

When it was dinner time, everyone was called into the tent and we found our name written on the rocks is where we are to be sitted. The decoration was just so pretty with nature.

And the starter was lobster, peas and some rice soup.
And we had to choice of red wine or white wine and a microbrwery beer. I chosed white wine.

And the maincourse was a buffet style where we just go out to choose as much food as we can.
Yea.. I took too much and I picked too much Aoli thinking it was mash potato. But what i love most surprisingly was the butter cheese potatoes... Yumzz!

What was special next was we got served their specially made Wedding beer call (Gift) meaning Marriage / poison in Norwegian.
It was made from herbs or forest picked spices and it tasted like a light stout.
Gift is pronouced like ( Eift)

And lasty dessert, panacotta  ~!!! 

The brother of the bride of like an Mc without a microphone giving speeches and introducing those whom are close to the bride or groom whom will be giving their short speech during the meals. 
I didnt totally understand much as they would be speaking in Norwegian. 

Every end of the speech they would say "SKOLLLL" meaning cheers in Norwegian.

And what surprise me is that a point everyone starts using their spoon hitting the glass.
And then the bride and groom would start standing on the chair and KISS !

Then, everyone starts to stomp their feet on the ground and they would go underneath the table and KISS !!

That was soo sweet ~~~~

And after the video from the groom's mum, before more desserts, they had a sudden Flash Mob !
The groom's mum started dancing to the music and ask everyone out to dance, we thought it was a dance floor but it turn out some of them looked so good in the dance steps.
Hahha then we realized we stepped into a flash mob without knowing the steps.
It was kinda awkward but no one give a damn and it was sure fun !

And lastly, lots of cakes!!!
They were all so yummy but I was almost too full to fit more in my stomach.
And ths cute cake caught my eyes but it was too pretty I didnt eat it at all..
I regret the next day not eating more cake :(

After that, we played with some polaroid pictures and the bride lifted me up !
That's the evidence of her karate skills !

And lastly, we headed to the nearby school hall for a dance time with live band and unlimited microbrewery beer and wine... I just got too full to drink or eat more~

Well, what can I say~ 
The Best wedding ceremony I ever been so far !!!

So much different from the asian karaoke wedding style. :P


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