Merdø Island, Arendal

From Arendal town, 
this ferry to Merdo only runs frequently in the Summer.

Just for 60kr per way, a short ferry ride there would allow you to enjoy the gorgeous view of Arendal fjord.

You probably can spot a lot of people on their boats. You might see some kid's driving their own boat as well ! ( Yes, Kid's in Norway can have their own boat...)
25mins later, you will reach Merdo and there, you can't find tar roads at all. The houses there are usually cabins or owners whom own their own boats.
The beach there is beautiful but you might not find privacy on sandy beaches.

Just take a walk through the forest and you might find your way out on the other side of the rocky beach, facing the open sea. It's one of the southern most parts of Norway.

We were at the season where beautiful pink purplish flowers were blooming and they remind me of Shibazakura in Japan.
This time I even found a Pink Beach !

Try to take a walk on parts of this beach cause it's full of round dinosour like rocks and they are protected. It looks like as if these rocks went through a lot from the ice age till it becomes smooth n round.
Ps; You are not allowed to bring any of them out of this island.
(but no one checks)

But it was a windy day , so i found other spot which was less windy and full of seaweed & corals.
Yes, it's so clear you can see the seaweed corals.

So, don't miss out here whenever you come to Arendal in Summer !!



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