My Chinese Wedding gown from China我的旗袍婚纱

              Flewn all the way from ShiAn, China~ At last I recieved my tailored made gown.
Well, most would wonder why it isn't Red in colour as most married chinese wear would be best in Red.
Well, I guess I would prefer it different and in the my favourite colour, turqoise.

MUA and Hairdo; Karen Chen 
Photographer : Wai Wah
Location: Tien Hou Temple, Malaysia

Ps: The fringe is a wig also from China.
I thought of getting that as being a makeup artist myself, I know, it takes sometime to make this hair pattern and it's very incovenient to change the hairstyles especially for a photoshoot.

I paired with the red tassle earrings as having some Red would somewhat mean luck and wealth ~ ( ahh the typical chinese metaphore) 

nd so here are the pics.

I had the option for it to be long tail or just plain mermaid . But I prefer long tail anyways~ 
Love the draggging feel but definitely not good for shooting as it get's dirty easily while dragging on the floor.

I love the top part which is slightly transparent. Unfortunately, my skin isnt fair enough to show how transparent the mesh part is.

This gown would be worn for the chinese tea ceremony which would be held in Malaysia.

Other than this, there is also the night gown version which can be viewed

Will update more photos soon.

Have a nice day.



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