Noah's Ark in Arendal, Norway

Just after the hangover from the first Norwegian wedding I attended the day before,
I went down to the town of Arendal for some shopping and what surprised me was this HUGE SHIP !

I instantly scream in my heart : OH MY !! My Childhood Bible Story came true ~!!!

It looks exactly like the cartoon pictures of the Ark of the Bible books I read when I was young. 
It was huge, and looked old.

And Of course ! I did took a picture with it.
Except with my eyes close and not with a proper camera.
Apparently this boat came from Denmark and it's like a Noah Bible museum in this ship.
They got like fake animal figures in this ship and some other decorations as well.

However, it was like almost more than RM100 just for the entrance fee and no free gift..
Ahh~~ it's just some kinda Asian thing , we loveee free gifts/ souvenier :P

And right beside the Noah's ark ship was a Huge Seabourne Cruise ship!!!
And guess what ?!! I was walking with my Norwegian friends and instead of asking to take photos with Noah's Ark, they prefer taking photos of the huge cruise ship instead !!!

And poor me, I was the only one looking like a kid taking pictures with fake animals.
But anyway I enjoyed it and i am sure glad that as I travel and see more of the world, 
my childhood dream just comes true one by one. 

Life is just amazing when you look back at how much you wish things would see for the first time and after many years, it did happen.

And Thus, I look forward to stay healthy, active and keep on travelling as I would not know what's there in future that would surprise me again.



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