Photoshoot on the most acidic volcano, Kawah Ijen

Due to our engagement, I had been thinking of finding unique locations for our pre-wedding photoshoots,
Thus, I had brought some of my gowns all the way to Indonesia and realised it would be such a pity if i didn't took any photos with em.
The other gowns were already taken on Nusa Penida and it's left this red gown which is the lightest of all.

Apparently , Kawah Ijen would be our last nice shooting location so, I thought of bringing it up to the volcano and give it a try if it wasnt crowded with tourists,

We drove from Karangasem  with our rented scooter all the way up there.

And once we arrive the hiking station, we just had to pay for the ticket before hiking up at around 11pm up there.
Of course, I did not hike with this dress. 
About an hour half hike , we reach the top and there wasn't much people at all.
We climbed a higher solitaire spot and got dresssed and started before the weather turns bad.

And so here are the Outcome of it ~ and we never regret trying this out.
Unfortunately we weren't able to wake up so early to drive up and see the blue flames in the early morning though.
The sulfuric gas here is way much thick and dangerous than the ones in Japan, Aso-san.
Moreoever, there is no one speculating the danger of eruption here only porters collecting sulfurs in the morning.


And not long after these,
the sulfur gas starts blowing towards us and there will no bad vision of the road in front and not even the view of the crater.
We were just so blessed with the weather and wind direction at that moment !

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day ! 


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