Pre-Wedding photoshoot on Holi Festival,2015


Most Asian culture would usually have a pre-wedding photoshoot but not in Norway.

And thanks to my fiance for being so understanding of our culture, he agreed to have our pre-wed photos taken before the day.

Well , It's quite early to show these photos so I'll just show some only.

For 4 consecutive years, we always missed this Holi festival as it happens in March which is the same time around Japan's cherry blossom period.
Too bad that, I'd always travel around this period but this year,
We decided to skip Japan's spring instead and go to Indonesia in April in order not to miss this festival.

we decided to try out having our first pre-wedding shoot taken in this event itself !

And we got GabZoe photography- FB page
to be our official photographer.

However, since it was a huge event, there were other photographers and we managed to get a really nice shot from iMKIRAN as well !!
Check out his website too ~

And here below are the photos taken by GABZOEphotography

It was sure a fun event but the best shots were taken when we first get the colour powdered splash, 
everything turned greyish purple after we got wet .

Neverthless, we got some cool shots and fun moments we will surely never forget.

And the Most EPIC shot of all !!
Whadda hand PhotoBOMB ! 

Love Him to Bits !~

And if you're curious, 
here's a few photoshoots of me in my taylored made wedding gowns.
Or the sexy version

Thanks for stopping by and have a splendid day ahead !


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