What i did for my Fiance's Birthday

This year since we got a place with a garden and I thought of surprising the Ang Moh after he's back from Work.

And being everyday with him, it's sort of impossible to do all these surprise a day beforehand. So, I woke up as early as he went to work, started baking, cutting out papers, painting, decorating all in one day !

It was sure a hectic day but I'm glad my timing was good !

I bought a blank canvas, painted it as of Mt Fuji where we were in 2013.
And so I followed this photo and painted it with us kissing cause we didnt have a picture of it and with the sakura behind us.
And I baked this rose apple puff as an appetizer

And some paper deco thing to hang on the tree. 

Wearing my newly bought R2D2 dress and had the non blowable candle on the rose puff 
and white wine with frozen grapes.

Then later only we celebrated with the official choc cake which is his favourite!

It has hidden MnM in it too ~ !

Well, He didn't realize the deco even when he was standing at the entrance of the garden and I had to point out to him to see the garden then only he went OHH ~!

And then we ended having korean bbq for dinner.

Simple and Nice~

Every year in Oslo seems to be better ! 

I'm starting to love the life here !

Thanks for reading~


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